How To Get Coarse Leather In My Time At Sandrock

How To Get Coarse Leather In My Time At Sandrock
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3rd Jun 2022 16:49

In My Time At Sandrock Coarse Leather is a crafting material that can be used at a Tailoring Machine to gain new clothing items. Which is absolutely essential if you want to change your appearance, of course. To find out where to find Coarse Leather in My Time At Sandrock, read on.

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My Time At Sandrock Coarse Leather Location

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Primarily a drop from defeating monsters, there are a couple of options when it comes to collecting coarse leather, the easiest of which is by slaying a Thorny Jumper. Thorny Jumpers are creatures that disguise themselves as cacti and can be found very near to the player’s base in between the Workshop and Eufaula Salvage Shop.  Approach a cluster of cacti and the Thorny Jumper will usually wobble, identifying it as an imposter. To defeat the jumper you’ll want to ensue you have a weapon equipped to your hot bar. The combat mechanic and weapon crafting recipes are first unlocked through Pen’s dialogue when you first interact with him in town.

Coarse leather can also be obtained from defeating Boxing Jack and Pensky near Gecko Station. Unlocking the Gecko Station Ruins, however, will require some playthrough of major questlines in the game and will require you to activate the ‘Operation De-Geelate’ quest.


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My Time At Sandrock Coarse Leather Uses

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The main use for Coarse Leather is to turn it into Tanned Leather at a Tailoring Machine. The Tailoring Machine blueprint can be unlocked at the Research Centre from Qi for 12 Data Disks and a four day wait.

Tanned Leather can then be used in key crafting recipes such as the Rescue Team outfit, Explorer outfit, and Iron Greatsword crafting recipe. These are a significant upgrade to the starting outfits and weaponry you find in the game.

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