My Time At Sandrock Bricks: How To Get Bricks

My Time At Sandrock Bricks: How To Get Bricks
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My Time At Sandrock introduces Bricks as a core building material needed in many crafting recipes. As one of the first materials you’ll need, it's important to know how to get this important resource. To find out how to get Bricks in My Time At Sandrock, and which main recipes used them, read on.

  • Quartz is also a commonly needed building material, read our guide on My Time At Sandrock quartz to find out how to acquire it in game.

My Time At Sandrock Bricks: How To Get Bricks

My Time At Sandrock How To Get Bricks
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Bricks can be sourced in three different ways, you can craft them in a Furnace from Stone, you can place Stone Scrap into a Recycler with a good chance of receiving Bricks, or you can buy the Stone required from a Merchant. Stone Scraps can be found around the workshop and Eufaula Salvage Yard, as a common item in the world they should be fairly easy to locate and simply need a standard Pickhammer to harvest.

The Commerce Guild Store sells stone in their inventory, meaning you can pick up some extra ingredients there to create Bricks in your Furnace. (One Brick requires four Stone to make in the Furnace). The Furnace and Recycler are both available to unlock through the Research Center in town, you can unlock the blueprints with Data Disks (found or bought at the Salvage Yard).


My Time At Sandrock Bricks: How To Use Bricks

My Time At Sandrock how to use bricks
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Bricks may be requested from the commission board in the Commerce Guild. Carrying out these quests will yield income and a bonus to relationship levels with the person who requested the commission. Bricks are also used in the following crafting recipes:

  • Crane Lift (completing this unlocks the ability to mine in the Abandoned Ruins and find rarer materials and relics)
  • Processor
  • Grinder
  • If you’re completing commissions to build up relationships, check out our guide to My Time At Sandrock Mi-an gifts, to find out how to build up a relationship with fellow builder Mi-an.
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