How To Win The My Time At Sandrock Dance Off Quest

How To Win The My Time At Sandrock Dance Off Quest
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3rd Jun 2022 13:43

The My Time At Sandrock Dance Off quest is triggered after meeting Zeke and being tasked with restoring the Hydrogel. The Dance Off in My Time At Sandrock is listed on the calendar as an event in Autumn, Year one, and gives the opportunity for unique rewards. To find out what the Dance Off rewards are, how to trigger the event and how to win the Dance Off, read on.

My Time At Sandrock Dance Off Quest: How To Trigger The Dance Off

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The Dance Off quest is triggered after you speak with Zeke at the Moisture Farm. On day two of Autumn, Matilda will appear at the workshop, instructing you to introduce yourself to Zeke, who oversees the town’s crop supply. The moisture farm, which is inaccessible before this quest is triggered, is situated in the far north of the map.

The resulting quest will involve you battling some Geegler Lizards who have destroyed the Hydrogel, the machinery responsible for keeping the crops alive. Eventually this quest will unlock the ability to farm crops at your workshop, after you fix the Hydrogel. Whilst you gather the supplies needed, a town meeting will trigger after a few days, in which the residents come up with a solution for the food crisis. Owen suggests a dance off, in which participants will be rewarded, and the price for entering the competition will be a food donation to help towards the shortages.

My Time At Sandrock Dance Off Quest: How To Make A Food Donation

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The following day, Burgess will be stationed by the Commerce Guild next to a food stand and sign-up sheet. Interact with this whilst you have some of the listed ingredients in your inventory and select the amount you wish to donate. The more food you donate the higher your reward will be. Most of the food listed is easy to gather and can be picked near the workshop and Eufaula Salvage Shop area. If you donate the maximum amount of food to reach the contribution goal, Burgess will send you 10 bottles of water in the mail, the day after.


My Time At Sandrock Dance Off Quest: How To Win The Dance Off

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The Dance Off is a relatively easy rhythm game that requires you to press the correct keys in a quick time event. Some keys will have to be pressed for a longer duration when a longer prompt is displayed. You’ll receive more points if you can combo moves, to do so will require you to press the keys in succession without missing any, which will add to your combo meter each time you successfully hit a prompt.

My Time At Sandrock Dance Off Quest Rewards

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The dance off has three levels of difficulty, the rewards remain the same regardless of the level chosen. For second place you’ll be awarded with 65 medals, for first place this increases to 90 medals. You may compete more than once to collect more medals, but time passes as you compete, limiting the amount of time you have in the day for re-entry before the event ends. The competition also runs across two days so you can compete both days for maximum chance at collecting all the shop inventory.

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My Time At Sandrock Dance Off Quest: Shop Items

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There is a unique stall located south of the main stage in which you can trade Competition Medals in for furniture and clothing. The following items can be purchased with Competition Medals:

  • Rustic Cushion Chair (+143 HP)
  • Rustic Lounging Chair (+114 HP)
  • Rustic Tea Table (+19 Defence)
  • Boom Box (+9 Luck)
  • Dancer’s Jacket (+43 Defence, +6 Ability Power)
  • Dancer’s Pants (+343 HP, +6 Ability Power)
  • Dancers Headband (+3 Defence, +6 Ability Power)
  • Dancer’s Shoes (+10 Endurance, +6 Ability Power)
  • Dancer’s Scarf (+7 Defence)
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