My Time At Sandrock Fang: How To Get Friendship Points

My Time At Sandrock Fang: How To Get Friendship Points
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13th Jun 2022 14:29

In My Time At Sandrock, Fang is the town’s recluse doctor that inhabits the clinic with his pet raven, X. Preferring to mostly communicate through X, it will take a little time to get Fang to warm up to you in My Time At Sandrock. Unlike the other inhabitants of the town, Fang will not accept gifts from you and will always return them, so to learn how to otherwise raise friendship points with the mysterious bachelor, read on.

My Time At Sandrock Fang: How To Get Friendship Points With Fang

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During your playthrough, you’ll encounter X flying through the town with leaflets. Upon interacting with X, you’ll receive an invitation to take part in Fang’s study at the clinic. He will offer you free medication on Wednesdays and Fridays. By participating in this reoccurring event, you’ll earn 10 friendship points with Fang each time and a timed perk depending on the outcome of the test. Friendship points cannot be gained with Fang until the quest ‘Taste Of Your Own Medicine’ is completed.

As you approach the clinic Fang will be outside with a table stocked with three potions of varying effects. The potions are randomised and range from positive to negative status effects, you may try more than one potion at a time to earn an additional +3 friendship points with Fang.

If the experiment is deemed successful the medicine will become permanently stocked at Fang’s clinic, with the possibility to purchasing the recipe to craft your own. A useful mechanic, especially when foraying into dangerous ruins. You can repeat this quest every Wednesday or Friday to unlock more recipes.

X is available to befriend, unlike Fang he is happy to accept gifts. His favourite of which are fish and gems.

You can also earn a friendship point with Fang by talking to him once a day and on his birthday on day 22 of winter. Although he will return unwanted gifts back to you, this will not negatively affect your relationship with him.


My Time At Sandrock: Fang Relationship Perks

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At ‘Friend’ level Fang will give you a 10% discount on medicines at the store in the clinic. This will increase to 20% once ‘Good Friend’ level is achieved.

Fang also offers acupuncture as a service in the clinic in exchange for Gols. This resets the skill tree of your choice, allowing you to reallocate points.

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