My Time At Sandrock Graphite: How To Get And Uses

My Time At Sandrock Graphite: How To Get And Uses
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Kiera Mills


16th Jun 2022 09:17

In My Time At Sandrock Graphite is a raw crafting material, primarily needed to craft Steel Bars at a Civil Furnace which unlocks more crafting recipes. To learn where to get Graphite in My Time At Sandrock, read on.

My Time At Sandrock Graphite Location

Mining for Graphite outside of the Gecko Station Ruins
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Graphite can be bought from the By The Stairs store, Commerce Guild Store, Construction Junction and the Souvenir shop.

To scavenge for your own Graphite without spending precious Gols, you’ll have to traverse to the Gecko Station Ruins across the bridge. Graphite can be found in the surrounding area there, or inside as a by-product of mining other resources. However, it can only be unlocked after completing the ‘Operation De-Geelate’ and ‘In Trusses we Trust’ quests.


  • For a full rundown of how to unlock the ruins read our My Time at Sandrock Gecko Station Ruins guide, listing which quests you’ll need to complete and what other resources you can find there.

My Time At Sandrock Graphite Uses

crafting menu to make Steel Bars from Graphite.
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Graphite is needed in the following recipes:

  • Filtration Core
  • Gunpowder
  • Steel Bars
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