How to add & change your Clan Tag in MW3

How to add & change your Clan Tag in MW3
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4th Dec 2023 14:28

Modern Warfare 3 provides a variety of customization options in the form of operator skins, weapon skins, Showcase, Calling Card, Emblem, and Clan Tags. While most are straightforward, you either unlock them by progressing the game and completing specific challenges, directly purchasing them from the store, or through the battle pass, adding and changing Clan Tags is a little hidden in MW3's clustered UI. 

As a result, many players want to add a cool Clan Tag to make their profile more appealing but fail to do so as they cannot find the right option.

How to add & change your Clan Tag

In Modern Warfare 3, you can add or change your Clan tag via the Profile menu, which you can access while on the game mode selection menu or the lobby. 

First, click on the Launcher Menu icon represented by six square boxes on the top right side of the game screen. Once you are in the 'Launcher Menu,' click on the last tab that says, 'Profile.'

Editing Clan Tag in MW3
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In the Profile menu, you will find a variety of options, one of them being the 'Edit Clan Tag.' When you click on it, a window opens up where you can enter your new Clan Tag or change the existing one.

Error message "Text prohibited due to profanity message" explained

Profanities are prohibited in MW3
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While adding a new Clan Tag, keep in mind profanities are prohibited in the game, and using them as Clan Tag will fail the tag will not save. You also get a message saying, "Text prohibited due to profanity," which is not an error but a warning message telling you to change the selected tag.

That concludes our guide on adding & changing Clan Tag in Modern Warfare 3. While you are here, check out the full MW3 campaign missions list and our slide-cancelling explainer.

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