MW2 Beta 2 Patch Notes: Gun Nerfs, Audio Changes, And More

MW2 Beta 2 Patch Notes: Gun Nerfs, Audio Changes, And More
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Jack Marsh


23rd Sep 2022 17:30

With the PlayStation exclusive week coming to an end and crossplay action kicking off, Infinity Ward has tampered with the Modern Warfare 2 beta experience to fine-tune the game following feedback from fans. While they ignored many points, such as mini-map feedback, the developers have now released the MW2 Beta 2 patch notes that include weapon balances, perk changes, and audio adaptations.

MW2 Beta 2 Patch Notes: New Modes and maps

One of the biggest changes to the MW2 Beta 2 patch notes is the addition of Ground War and its accompanying maps. Both Sariff Bay and Sa'id come in from the overall Warzone 2 map as playable Ground War arenas.

Invasion has also been added, which comes as a Ground War game mode with 40 players on each team (20 players and 20 AI bots per team).

MW2 Beta 2 Patch Notes: Weapon Changes

Pretty much every usable gun in the Modern Warfare 2 beta has been tinkered with slightly going into weekend two, including the beloved M4 and Lachmann Sub.

FTAC Recon

  • Reduced damage while in full-auto
  • Increased full-auto recoil
  • Minor headshot damage reduction

FSS Hurricane

  • Reduced damage at long-distance
  • Lower headshot multiplier


  • Minor recoil increase
  • Minor headshot reduction
  • Minor hipfire spread increase

M4, Kastov 74u, and M16

  • Minor hipfire spread increase

Lachmann Sub

  • Minimum damage reduction
  • Minor headshot damage reduction


MW2 Beta 2 Patch Notes: Audio Sounds

having kicked up quite a stir in the first week of action, the MW2 Beta patch notes have begun to put footsteps under the microscope. 

Footsteps have been nerfed quite significantly in the second week of the beta, although they still appear to be as loud as a herd of elephants.

Infinity Ward introduced the following changes:

  • Decreased the distance from which you could hear footsteps
  • Mixed the volume of slide sounds for both allies and enemies
  • Softened ally footsteps versus enemy footsteps, to allow players to differentiate between the two

MW2 Beta 2 Patch Notes: Perks

The new Modern Warfare 2 perk system has been both positively and negatively received. What looks to be an interesting method of acquiring perks mid-game was hindered by the overall time it took to achieve the likes of Ghost.

Now, the MW2 Beta 2 patch notes have adjusted how long it takes to earn your second and third perk in-game.

The beta will be live from September 22 - 26, where Infinity ward will continue to add a slither of new content every day.

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