Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Release date, multiplayer co-op & all we know

Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Release date, multiplayer co-op & all we know
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14th Sep 2023 15:53


During September 2023's Nintendo Direct, alongside a slew of other details, it was shared that another entry in the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series will be hitting Nintendo Switch screens everywhere - so here's a rundown of the release date and details on multiplayer co-op capabilities.

The 'Marioverse' is ever-expanding, and Mario vs. Donkey Kong looks to continue that trend, with a new entry that sees to remake the Game Boy Advance title that follows the two titular characters' ongoing rivalry.

So if you're as excited for release as we are, buckle up as we take a look at everything we know so far about Mario vs. Donkey Kong that was revealed in the event

Is there a release date for Mario vs. Donkey Kong?

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Yes, as shared during the most recent Nintendo Direct, Mario vs. Donkey Kong will release on February 16, 2024, on Nintendo Switch.

This means that fans of both characters and the long-running series don't have much long to wait at all - close to around five months, in fact!

What do we know about Mario vs. Donkey Kong gameplay features?

Screenshot showing a gameplay stage in Mario vs. Donkey Kong
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One of the standout features in Mario vs. Donkey Kong is arguably the co-op capabilities, allowing gamers to team up to take on the levels together.

During the Nintendo Direct, we saw both Mario and Toad navigating a stage in local co-op, making this a perfect entry to add to your roster of game night games to play with your friends.

With Donkey Kong having stolen all of the Mini Mario toys from a factory, gameplay will centre around Mario tracking his rival down.

It was revealed that "observation and action are vital to your success", and you'll need to use the stage to your advantage in order to reach a key to be able to unlock the door to proceed. 

Mario also has handstand jump and backflip abilities, which will come in incredibly useful when trying to reach areas that may be a little higher than he could typically reach. You'll even have the opportunity to face off against Donkey Kong himself!

Can February 2024 hurry up already, please?

Are there any trailers for Mario vs. Donkey Kong?

There's currently one trailer for Mario vs. Donkey Kong which was shared during September's Nintendo Direct, which we've embedded above for you to watch.

In it, we're treated to a look at the different types of stages and gameplay mechanics that'll be present in the game, from co-op play to using a monkey's tail and the environment as a method of traversing around to collect keys in order to progress.

How much will Mario vs. Donkey Kong cost?

While details on how much Mario vs. Donkey Kong will cost are slim, as we learn more about this upcoming adventure, we'll update you accordingly with everything you need to know.

So that's everything we know about the upcoming Mario vs. Donkey Kong so far. For all of the latest news and guides, be sure to check out our Nintendo homepage for everything a Switch gamer will need.

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