Detective Pikachu Returns release date: Trailers, gameplay & voice cast

Detective Pikachu Returns release date: Trailers, gameplay & voice cast
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A long-awaited sequel first announced in 2019, Pokemon fans have been wondering when the Detective Pikachu Returns release date will be. Especially since the original title came out on the Nintendo 3Ds in 2016, along with the live-action film adaptation released in 2019, the launch date of the Detective Pikachu 2 game has been on the minds of many. 

Now the answer has been revealed, let's get into the exact release date of Detective Pikachu Returns. 

When is the Detective Pikachu Returns release date?

The Detective Pikachu Returns release date of Friday, October 6, 2023
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Players will thankfully not have to wait long, as the Detective Pikachu Returns release date is Friday, October 6, 2023. Revealed during the June Nintendo Direct, the Detective Pikachu 2 game will be coming out in just six weeks at the time of writing. 

Although the original Detective Pikachu came out on the 3DS, the Detective Pikachu Returns sequel will be exclusively on the Nintendo Switch platform.

Detective Pikachu Returns trailers and gameplay

Despite being announced all the way back in 2019, we finally got our first look at the story and gameplay in the Detective Pikachu Returns reveal trailer that was dropped in the June Nintendo Direct.

In the trailer, we're shown that not only will players be returning to the game's iconic Ryme City, but they will also be continuing the story of the first game's duo of the namesake Detective Pikachu and his partner, Tim Goodman. Whilst again set on solving mysteries involving the city's inhabiting Pokemon and human citizens, the two will also try to solve the talking coffee-loving Pikachu's origins. 

Visually and technologically upgraded being on the Nintendo Switch system, Detective Pikachu Returns will feature new gameplay to solve each mystery and new Pokemon. As showcased in the above trailer recently showcased in the early August Pokemon Presents, this Detective Pikachu 2 title will feature improved sleuthing to solve Ryme City's cases. 

As Tim talks to the humans, Pikachu speaks to the Pokemon - with the pair coming together to deduce what happened in every incident, they can also use other Pokemon to aid investigations as well. For example, Growlithe can hunt down suspects using its keen sense of smell. 

Another instance is with the hulking Darmanitan, its pulverizing punch being used to clear out obstacles and navigate tough environments.

Check out the latest Detective Pikachu trailer from the Nintendo Direct for September 2023 below:

Detective Pikachu Returns voice cast: Who voices Detective Pikachu? 

Detective Pikachu, voiced by Kaiji Tang in Detective Pikachu 2
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Whilst the full voice cast hasn't been officially revealed, it's safe to say that Detective Pikachu's voice actor from the first game, Kaiji Tang, is back in the lead role in Detective Pikachu Returns - after hearing his same uniquely gruff but expressive voice in the game's two trailers so far - going against the announcement by the Economic Times preceding the first trailer that Will Arnett would be taking over the role.

Also judging from the character's quick line in the June 2023 trailer, Khoi Dao appears to be back as the English voice actor for Tim Goodman as well, but this guide will be updated following any official announcements.

That's everything you need to know for know about the Detective Pikachu Returns release date, trailers, gameplay, and voice cast. 

For even more Detective Pikachu Returns guides, you can be sure to find them right here at GGRecon. 

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