Who does Charles Martinet play in the Mario movie?

Who does Charles Martinet play in the Mario movie?
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10th Apr 2023 13:41

If you’ve been to see the Super Mario Bros movie, then you might be wondering who Charles Martinet plays. Charles Martinet is the original voice actor for Mario, Luigi, Wario, and a bunch of other characters in the Mario games. However, he doesn’t lend his voice to the main character of Mario in this new movie from Illumination.

That said, Charles Martinet does have a few cameos in the movie, although if you blink then you’ll definitely miss them. So, here is who Charles Martinet plays in the Mario movie.

Who does Charles Martinet voice in the Mario movie?

A picture of Mario from the Mario movie, although Charles Martinet does not voice him
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Charles Martinet actually lends his voice to two different characters in the Mario movie. His first appearance is just after we get to see the TV advert for the Mario brother's plumbing company.

While Mario and Luigi are discussing whether they thought they overplayed the Italian accent too much, a random bystander chips in by giving the audience a little “Wahoo!”. This is actually Charles Matinet, a subtle nod to the original voice of the character.

To make this reference a little deeper, the bystander is actually playing on a Jump Man arcade cabinet. Jump Man was famously the original name for Mario before Nintendo went in a different direction.

Who else does Charles Martinet voice in the Mario movie?

Charles Martinet mario movie
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That’s not the only person that Charles Martinet voices in the Mario movie, however. If you listen closely, you’ll be able to tell that Mario and Luigi’s father is also voiced by none other than Charles Martinet.

Mario and Luigi’s father is an important character in the movie, as his disappointment in the two fuels their motivations throughout the plot. It also makes the moment at the end where he tells the boys that he’s proud of them all the more stirring, knowing that technically, Charles Martinet is the father of Mario and Luigi in a lot of aspects.

So, if you end up giving the Mario movie a second watch, keep an ear out for the beloved Charles Martinet and all the characters he lends his voice.

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