Mario Movie Is Already Setting Up A Luigi's Mansion Spin-Off

Mario Movie Is Already Setting Up A Luigi's Mansion Spin-Off

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Tom Chapman


11th Oct 2022 09:28

From The Haunted Mansion to CasperGhostbusters to Monster House, we love a good kid-friendly haunted house movie. Don't get us wrong, we also love The Haunting of Hill House and the ones that definitely aren't aimed at kiddies, but we doubt we'll get an R-rated Luigi's Mansion movie where Professor E. Gadd is murdered by vengeful spirits. 

Despite the jury being out on whether Chris Pratt is the right man to lead Illumination's The Super Mario Bros. Movie, the trailer has been praised for almost every aspect that isn't about him. Alongside Jack Black's Bowser and Keegan-Michael Key's Toad stealing the spotlight, we get a glimpse of Charlie Day's Luigi. But, is the next entry in the Mario Cinematic UniverseLuigi's Mansion movie?

Is A Luigi's Mansion Movie On The Way?

In the first trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie, we see Bowser decimating a realm similar to Super Mario 64's "Cool, Cool Mountain", before the action jumps to Mario being dumped out of a warp pipe into a classic Mushroom Kingdom-inspired level. We can skip over that bit and head to the good bit - the trailer's stinger that hints at Luigi's role.

We're not sure why Mario's taller (but younger) brother is always dragged into the occult, but here, Luigi is being chased by an army of Dry Bones. We're guessing the movie will feature Bowser wanting to take over these different lands and trying to kidnap Princess Peach, while the Mario Brothers race to get stars before him. 

On social media, it didn't take fans long to put on their Poltergust 3000s and hype a mythical Luigi's Mansion movie. One champion cheered, "I would absolutely watch an entire Luigi’s Mansion movie if it was just Charlie Day being scared and dealing with all the ghosts bullsh*t for 90 minutes." Another added, "Luigi was trending today because now everyone sees the potential that a Illumination Luigi's Mansion movie can have," while a third said, "I'm already mad that 'Luigi's Haunted Mansion' isn't its own separate movie."


Charlie Day Wants A Luigi's Mansion Movie

Although many were originally unconvinced about the idea of an animated Mario movie, Illumination's chart-topping success with the Minions franchise and the first trailer has given us a new hope. Imagine this ghost-busting spooktacular releasing around Halloween, and you've got a license to print money. 

It's likely The Super Mario Bros. Movie will be a testing ground for a number of ideas, with a Luigi's Mansion movie already looking like an easy sell. Even Day himself has got behind the dream project, saying, "I'll go if I'm invited." We can hear his frightened screams from here. Make it happen Universal, make it happen. Who you gonna call? 

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