Lost Ark Pest Control Quest Walkthrough And Rewards

Lost Ark Pest Control Quest Walkthrough And Rewards
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The Lost Ark Pest Control mission will take you across the ocean to Blackfang's Den to face off with some rough pirates and help a cute kid with some pesky chores. Like many of the Lost Ark quests, it's not particularly hard, but it has many steps that you will need to familiarise yourself with before you'll be able to complete it. So make sure you read on for a Lost Ark Pest Control quest walkthrough, and the breakdown of its rewards. 

How To Start Lost Ark Pest Control

Lost Ark Pest Control is a quest you start at Blackfang's Den island
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Lost Ark Pest Control is part of Una's Tasks, a system of daily and weekly quests that players can do to gain not only materials but to improve their reputation to earn Una’s Token. It is a great system, but one that you only have access to after you reach level 50.

Also, you need a minimum item level of 250 to accept the quest. However, having access to Una’s Tasks is not enough, since you need to pass through a process before Pest Control is available. Of course, once you have it, you can always get it which is great considering it is a quite fast quest that will help you farm reputation and Una’s Token.

If you are level 50 and have enough gear to do the quest, your first step must be to go to one of Lost Ark Islands, the Blackfang’s Den Island which is located southeast of Tortoyk. Fortunately, unlike other islands in Lost Ark, like Lost Ark Lush Reed Island, which emerges only during a specific period, Blackfang’s Den is permanently up.

This is the location where you will find the two quests you need to complete. Although it is far from some places on Lost Ark’s map, this is the location where you complete Pest Control too. So going there will save you some time. The island is small and there is only one house where you can enter. Inside you will find Ruri from whom you will get the quests you need.


Talk to Ruri and she will explain she is taking care of things while Blackfang is not there. Then get the first quest, the Blackfang’s House. This is a pretty straightforward mission: simply head outside and interact with some items around the house. Once you have done that, the Catch the Rats quest will be available with Ruri too.

In this one, you need to kill 12 Shore Rats that are spread on the island. These are not hard to find, so just walk around outside of the house or look for some small places and you will probably find the rats. Talk to Ruri again after you slay all the creatures and you will finally have Pest Control open in your Una’s Tasks menu.

How To Complete Lost Ark Pest Control

Lost Ark Pest Control is a quest in which you fight pirates
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As usual in Lost Ark, completing this quest will make you kill some enemies on the island. Nothing out of the ordinary! But finding them is a whole different story since nothing in this quest is simple. In its description, it is mentioned that you must kill 5 Red Shark Pirates or defeat Captain Lorka or Lieutenant Lorka. The regular pirates are easy to handle, but depending on your gear you might need some help with the Captain or the Lieutenant.

On the other hand, they are not as easy to find as the rats were, because they are not on the island all the time. They only appear when two events happen in the area: Everyone Charrrge! or the Watch out! Pirates! event. Although completing the quest is related to these events, since they occur constantly, you may need to wait for a little before they pop up. You can use this time to look for the Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds on the island.

In any case, when the events start you must look on the island for pirates. The stronger ones are usually east of the house. They can die quickly depending on the level of who is participating, so try to find them fast. After participating in them and killing the enemies, get back to Ruri and deliver the quest. Keep in mind that you must have accepted the Pest Control quest before facing the enemies.

Lost Ark Pest Control Rewards

Lost Ark Pest Control rewards you with items and reputation for Una's Tasks
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By completing the Pest Control quest, you will receive some Roster XP, Reputation Points, and some honing material depending on your current item level. It might not sound much, but since this is a quest you can do every day, it is a fundamental step to help upgrade your gear. In case you want to know why it is important to level them up, you should read about Lost Ark tiers.

These are all the steps you need to take in order to complete the Pest Control quest in Lost Ark. Prepare your weapons and good luck fighting those pirates!


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