Lost Ark Islands And Island Tokens Explained

Lost Ark Islands And Island Tokens Explained
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The Lost Ark islands and Island Tokens are a huge part of the end-game portion of this action MMORPG, with the latter being a valuable collectible for getting powerful gear. There are over one hundred islands in Lost Ark, with roughly 90 Island Tokens to be found across them. There are also many types of islands to look out for, and earning Island Tokens changes between them. So, if you need a full breakdown of how the Lost Ark islands and Island Tokens work, we'be got you covered. 

  • Make sure to travel to Turtle Island specifically for the Lost Ark Jewel Coral, which can earn you an uncommon mount.

Lost Ark Islands: How Do Islands Work

Lost Ark Islands
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Islands are small contained areas that can be found in the traversable ocean between the many continents of Arkesia. You will need access to Lost Ark ships before doing this, and it's recommended that you reach combat level 50, and item level 250 before beginning to venture toward many of them. 

The islands allow you to access a complete slew of new content, with islands containing tonnes of collectibles like the Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds, new quests, NPCs and vendors, and much more. One of the collectibles exclusive to the islands is the Island Tokens, which are only found on 91 specific islands.

There are over one hundred islands in the game, with all of them featuring something worth investing time into. Two types of islands exist, static and limited-time islands, with the latter split into adventure and timed islands. Static islands can be accessed at any time, adventure islands are a randomised set of islands that appear multiple times a day, and timed islands only appear at set times in the day.

  • If you're at the end game and want to make your character more powerful, then Lost Ark Harmony Shards are essential.

Lost Ark Islands: What Are Island Tokens?

Lost Ark Islands island tokens
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The Island Tokens are collectibles that can only be found on 91 specific islands, and each one has its quirks in terms of how you collect it. Some of them can be earned from quests, killing island bosses, island dungeons, looting, or gaining a certain level of Lost Ark rapport with an NPC.


You gain rewards in increments of five for collecting Island Tokens all the way up to 95, which has led players to believe there are some secret ones not listed on the collectible menu, which is capped at 91. The rewards you can earn for collecting these are:

  • Greater Stat Increase Potion - 5 Island Tokens
  • Emote: Threaten - 10 Island Tokens
  • Uncommon Wooden Compass - 15 Island Tokens
  • Greater Skill Point Potion - 20 Island Tokens
  • Mount: Golden Moss Turtle - 25 Island Tokens
  • Masterpiece #3 (can be exchanged on Sunflower Island) - 30 Island Tokens
  • Emote: Wave Dance - 35 Island Tokens
  • Luminous Aquamarine (compass upgrade) - 40 Island Tokens
  • Gienah's Protection (increases rapport) - 45 Island Tokens
  • Protections (skill rune) - 50 Island Tokens
  • Masterpiece #22 - 55 Island Tokens
  • Secret Map (Adventure: Giant Shell) - 60 Island Tokens
  • Oceanic Aquamarine - 65 Island Tokens
  • Statue of the Goddess Harmony (Stronghold structure) - 70 Island Tokens
  • Masterpiece #38 - 75 Island Tokens
  • Ship Skin: Tortoyk Arong Turtle - 80 Island Tokens
  • Secret Map (Adventure: Ice Statue of Woman) - 85 Island Tokens
  • Tidal Aquamarine - 90 Island Tokens
  • Procyon Statue (Stronghold structure) - 95 Island Tokens

You can easily see if an island contains one of the Island Tokens by hovering over it on the map. A pop-up will appear, and underneath the island's name it will say whether you have acquired or not acquired the Island Token. You can also check your progress by pressing ALT+L to get up the collectibles screen. 

That's our rundown on Lost Ark islands and the Island Tokens. Now you will know what islands are for, along with what rewards you can gain from collecting Island Tokens.

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