Lost Ark Outlaw Isle: How To Earn The Island Token

Lost Ark Outlaw Isle: How To Earn The Island Token
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20th Jun 2022 11:46

You will want to know how to get the Lost Ark Outlaw Isle Token, as it's a key collectible during the end-game. Once the world of Lost Ark opens up during the end-game, players can sail the seas and visit the multitude of islands that contain quests, events, collectibles, and more. This is one of the best ways to gain power during this portion of the game, so read on for a breakdown Lost Ark Outlaw Isle 

Lost Ark Outlaw Isle: Where Is The Island?

Lost Ark Outlaw Isle location
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Outlaw Isle can be found between the continents of Rethramis and Papunika, and is also directly south of Lost Ark Lagoon Island. Before sailing there, you will have to have hit the end-game content by reaching combat level 50, and as a harder tier one island, you must be equipped item level 460 to anchor there.

Lost Ark Outlaw Isle: How To Find The Island Token 

Lost Ark Outlaw Isle risland token
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Finding the Island Token for Lost Ark Outlaw Isle can be hard due to its status as a PvP island, which means you are flagged for PvP after entering, and it becomes a wild free-for-all. The Token can be gained as a reward for opening one of the three chests that are on the island - though it’s based on RNG. This means you may have to repeat the process before getting what you need, and wait for five minutes upon opening a chest, letting it respawn. 


Obviously, while you are trying to do this, other players will be attempting to kill you. It's possible to hide and sneak around with the Camouflage Robe item, making the process a little easier, but you can still be hit by AoE effects. Apparently in the Korean servers, the common etiquette is that players will queue up to open the chests, but you'll find no such luck in the EU Central servers at least.

You can just leave after getting your Outlaw Isle Island Token, as long as you don't get killed on the way out.

That's our rundown of the Lost Ark Outlaw Isle, and now you'll be able to find the PvP island and earn your Island Token reward. 

Sailing the high seas can you net some emotes like the Lost Ark Whistle Emote.


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