Lost Ark Isteri: How To Get The Isteri Island Token In Lost Ark

Lost Ark Isteri:  How To Get The Isteri Island Token In Lost Ark
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6th Oct 2022 16:25

If you want to get the Lost Ark Isteri Island Token, then you're in the right place, as we'll walk you through how to find and complete the island. There are many Lost Ark islands, but some of them can only be accessed in later tiers, with Isteri being one of them. So read on for a breakdown of Lost Ark Isteri, and how to get the collectible token. 

Lost Ark Isteri: How To Find Isteri Island

Lost Ark Isteri location
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Isteri can be found to the south-west of the North Vern continent, which is located in the centre of the world map. The best way to get there is from Port Korna located on the other side of the continent. Isteri is also just north-east of the Lost Ark Lagoon Island which is an earlier end-game island that you may have already done. 

Like we said, it will take a while before you can take on Isteri as it requires you to be equipped item level 1100, which is in the third tier of the end-game. Luckily the new Lost Ark Super Express event allows for you to level this quicker, so check that out if you near the threshold already. 

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Lost Ark Isteri Island Token

Lost Ark Isteri island token
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Once you are on the island, you'll also need to meet some questing criteria before you can access the specific quest on Isteri to get the token. Firstly, you will need to finish the Kadan questline, which begins with The Quest for Kadan. This is only available after completing some other quests which are:

  • The Feiton continent main questline
  • Let There Be Light
  • Start of Our Story
  • Illusion Bamboo Island


You'll also need to have reached item level 1100, but afterwards you are free to complete this questline.

Once you have met all the criteria and are on the Isteri island, you will be able to access one of Una's Tasks called Peering Into Chaos. You can activate this from the menu for Una's Tasks which is accessed with ALT + J on the keyboard. It will task you with investigating some tracks around the island, and needs to be completed 21 times. You can do this once every day, and the Isteri Island Token will be rewarded to you for reaching the max reputation level at the end. 

Aside from this, the island has a few questlines that reward you with resources and silver, along with a secret quest where you can acquire the powerful Kadan Card for your deck.

That's all for our breakdown of Lost Ark Isteri island, and now you know what you need to do before venturing there and getting the Island Token. 

Once you arrive at the shores of Isteri, why not try out the Lost Ark Selfie Mode and snap some pics. 

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