How To Get Lost Ark Crescent Isle Island Token

How To Get Lost Ark Crescent Isle Island Token
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6th Jun 2022 11:26

Getting the Lost Ark Crescent Isle Token can be a bit time-consuming due to the nature of the quest you will need to finish, which tasks you with hunting animals to get a specific item. The tasks you need to take part in to earn Lost Ark tokens can vary wildly, but offers you lots of ways to play in the end-game while undertaking the arduous task of collecting them all. So here's a walkthrough of how to complete Lost Ark Crescent Isle.

Lost Ark Crescent Isle Location

Lost Ark Crescent Isle Location
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Crescent Isle is located in the sea between the continents of North Vern and Arthetine, with it being closest to Port Krona, on the east side of Vern. It is in an extremely populated part of the ocean, located directly north of Lost Ark Drumbeat Island, and south-west of the Lost Ark Gate of Harmony event. 

It's one of the permanent islands, so you won't need to wait around during the week for it to spawn up. Crescent Isle is also one of the islands that you can do early in the end-game portion, as it requires you to be item level 250. 


How To Get Lost Ark Crescent Isle Token

Lost Ark Crescent Isle Token
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Get ready for a collectathon once you arrive at the island, as before you can get the Island Token, you will need to hunt a bunch of rabbits and collect an item called Crystallised Scale. You will need to use the life skill called hunting to do this, but there are only a select few rabbits across the island and many players will often be hunting too. You can somewhat bypass this by changing your channel in the top-right corner, but regardless, you will be spending a long time hunting them. 

Once you have collected a total of 60 Crystallised Scale, you can exchange them for the Crescent Isle Token from an NPC called Aldridge. He can be found on the west side of the island, sat underneath a tree. You will also gain a point of Courage for completing a quest for him. 

That's all for our walkthrough of how to find Lost Ark Crescent Isle and then earn its token. 

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