Marvel Rivals isn’t coming to consoles just yet

Marvel Rivals isn’t coming to consoles just yet
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Morgan Truder


29th Mar 2024 14:57

Marvel Rivals was recently announced and although there was no release date, the announcement did arrive with confirmation the game would be on PC - yet, there was no mention of consoles. The upcoming Closed Alpha Test, which is still lacking a date but is expected soon, was also only teased to be arriving on PC.

The game’s closest comparison point, from everything that’s been shown so far, will be Overwatch - an extremely popular hero shooter that has admittedly waned in popularity since the follow-up was released.

Marvel Rivals is trying to capture the same frenetic and enjoyable gameplay, but using very popular, beloved heroes. In theory, Marvel Rivals should be a huge success and not being on consoles feels like a miss.

Is there any news of a console release?

Marvel Rivals
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So far, there’s barely even a hint that the game will come to consoles but there’s also still no release date - so there's still plenty of news to come. However, when asked on X (formerly known as Twitter) if the game would be coming to consoles, developer NetEase responded by saying “The Closed Alpha Test will be available for PC. Stay tuned for future updates!”. Hopefully, this means there will be some news about a console release later down the line, or even the same day as the initial launch.

If I’m being honest, it seems incredibly unlikely the game won’t be released on console at all due to just how popular the licence is. Marvel has been flirting more and more with making more games with Insomniac's Spider-Man games proving extremely popular, Midnight Suns finding a niche audience, not to mention the Wolverine and Blade games that are on the way. If you want an online game to succeed, getting it on as many platforms as possible is a great way to do it.

For now, not much more is known but this is one to watch for the future. If you’ve watched the trailer and are wondering who Luna Snow is, we have you covered and for more guides check out our homepage where we have helpful tips for Fortnite, Helldivers 2, VALORANT and more.

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