Ghostwire Tokyo Xbox Release: Is Ghostwire Tokyo Coming To Xbox?

Ghostwire Tokyo Xbox Release: Is Ghostwire Tokyo Coming To Xbox?
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Aaron Bayne


18th Mar 2022 12:00

Is Ghostwire Tokyo coming to Xbox? The age of exclusives has well and truly begun, and Ghostwire Tokyo may be the latest to land in the crosshairs of companies like Sony and Microsoft. As acquisitions are about as common as game releases, players are often worried that some of their most anticipated titles are scooped up under singular publishers. However, as we near its release, let's find out if a Ghostwire Tokyo Xbox release is coming. 

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Ghostwire Tokyo Xbox Release: Is Ghostwire Tokyo Coming To Xbox? 

Ghostwire Tokyo Xbox release
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Image Via Tango Gameworks

The short answer of it all is that Ghostwire Tokyo will not release on Xbox consoles - at least not for now. Ghostwire Tokyo is being developed by Tango Gameworks, the dev team behind The Evil Within series, and for now, the title is heavily aligned with Sony's new-gen consoles, with it being a console-exclusive for the PlayStation 5.

Similar to titles like Rise of the Tomb Raider, Ghostwire Tokyo will act as a timed exclusive for Sony, which should last a year. Interestingly though, Tango Gameworks is working through Bethesda as its publisher, meaning that Ghostwire Tokyo is the second timed-exclusive for Sony that is now owned by Microsoft, after its $7 billion acquisition of Bethesda


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What this basically means is that Ghostwire Tokyo was arranged as a timed-exclusive for Sony prior to the Bethesda acquisition. So, Microsoft is simply honouring that deal, and while unfortunate, Xbox players will just have to wait until next year before they can get their hands on Ghostwire Tokyo. However, it also means that there is a good chance that whatever Tango Gameworks comes up with next, whether that be DLC or a new IP, will be aligned with Microsoft and Xbox. 

While disappointing, that is all we know about the Ghostwire Tokyo Xbox release. However, for those on PS5 that simply cannot wait to try this title out, check out our guide on the Ghostwire Tokyo release time, to find out how you can play it early. 


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