Ghostwire Tokyo Jizo Statues: Where To Find All 52 Jizo Statue Locations

Ghostwire Tokyo Jizo Statues: Where To Find All 52 Jizo Statue Locations
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23rd Mar 2022 13:00

Securing Ghostwire Tokyo Jizo Statues is key to your success in Bethesda's latest action RPG, as they help you increase your capacity for magic attacks. These statues are dotted all over Shibuya in Ghostwire Tokyo and come in three flavours; Wind, Water and Fire. To max out your magical ammo, follow our guide to find all 52 Ghostwire Tokyo Jizo Statues.

Ghostwire Tokyo Jizo Statues: Tips For Finding Them

Ghostwire Tokyo Jizo Statue: Tips
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We have the exact locations coming up, but if you would like some tips on how to find the statues yourself, here are some things you should know. First of all, press Square a lot. This will highlight any nearby important items, so it's a great way to locate collectibles. This will let you see statues through walls and from far away, but also you can hear them. Important items like Jizo Statues and Tanukis make distinctive sounds when you ping them, listen out for the chime to know when a statue is close.

Also, not that you needed a reason to, but there is a functional purpose to interacting with the dogs and cats around the map. Feeding dogs will often just get you some money, but dogs will also lead you to important things. Feed a dog, and they might just lead you to a nearby Jizo Statue.

Also, you can pray at shrines and make donations. Donate 500 Meika and you can choose to mark nearby statues on your map. This won't get you the locations of every statue in the game, but it will help you find most of them. Ghostwire Tokyo is a detailed game and the Jizo Statues can be well hidden, so it might be an idea to use these tips in conjunction with the information below.


Ghostwire Tokyo Jizo Statues: Every Statue Location

There are a total of 52 Jizo Statues to be found around Shibuya. Marked on the map, here are the locations of each one, as well as an explanation on where to find them.

Ghostwire Tokyo Jizo Statue locations
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1. In the alley south of the houses, near some patrolling Visitors.

2. In the western part of the forest, on a rock under a tree.

3. In a small shrine northwest of Kirigaoka Shrine.

4. Just outside the eastern edge of the forest, behind the houses.

5. Behind the car park, up the steps on the left, find the statue just inside the gate.

6. Between two tall buildings, in a small shrine behind the bike racks.

7. Follow the train bridge to the northeast, below the bridge to the east you’ll find the statue in a small shrine.

8. In the empty space in the centre of these large buildings, the statue is in the corner of the lower area.

9. Down this laneway, the statue is facing a patch of grass between buildings.

10. Go northwest from the bend in the road, the statue is in a shrine in the narrow alley.

11. Laneway between houses, on a patch of grass beside a construction site.

12. At the corner of the junction.

13. Underneath the southern end of the bridge.

14. When facing the Yamaki Shrine, turn 180 degrees and drop down to the road, the statue will be right in front of you.

15. North of Saihama Building Rooftop Torii Gate, at ground level in the alley behind an office building.

16. Northeast corner of the graveyard in the east of the map.

17. In the north of the Utagawa Shopping District, go east off the main road to find this statue tucked away in a corner behind the houses.

18. At the base of a pillar holding up the overpass, just east of a children’s park.

19. In the southern section of the graveyard, east of Tatsui Shrine.

20. On the northwest corner of the block, east of the shopping district.

21. From the northeast of this block of buildings, go southwest into the alley and open the gates to reach this statue in a small shrine.

22. From the children’s park in the middle of these buildings, the statue is in a nook in the northwest corner.

23. In a shrine in the southeast corner of the Kappagaike pond.

24. Beside a well-lit bike shed in a laneway behind some houses.

25. Nestled among tall buildings you will find this statue in a little walled area with some greenery.

26. In a shrine directly behind a gas station.

Ghostwire Tokyo Jizo Statue: bottom of map
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27. Southeast of a park of cherry blossom trees, in a corner beside a bike rack.

28. Southeast of the entrance to Utagawa Shopping District, in an alley beside some stairs.

29. Right beside the eastern entrance to the small tunnel underneath the train tracks.

30. Go east into the alley at the junction north of Shibuya Scramble, the statue is around the corner to the right.

31. In the alley east of number 30, directly south of number 29.

32. Go east from 31 into the lane, then south. When you get to the bike racks, you will find the statue in a fenced area to the east.

33. At the side of the road, at the centre of the T-junction.

34. In a small shrine, to the right when facing the entrance to the car park.

35. In the shopping district northeast of Sakano Shrine, you will find the statue in the raised area, in a little alley by itself.

36. Across from the entrance to the bathhouse, this statue is tucked into a corner behind some crates and traffic cones.

37. On the major road southwest of K.K.’s Safehouse, this statue is in a shrine between two stores.

38. Go southeast from the Akisawa Shrine, and through the small gap between the buildings to find this statue.

39. In the northeast corner of the open area where the buses are parked beside Shibuya Station.

40. Go west down the street from Sakano Shrine, then south into an alley beside a construction site. You will see the statue in a small shrine there.

41. Enter the alley behind this apartment block from the north to find the statue.

42. Beneath the expressway bridge, you will find this statue under some scaffolding.

43. This statue is outside a storefront at the southwest corner of the block where the Yashin Shrine is found.

44. There is a giant Torii gate north of the Shiroyama Shrine, the statue is on the side of the road north of the Torii gate.

45. In a small shrine between two tall, skinny buildings southwest of Shiroyama Shrine.

46. East of Shiroyama Shrine, the next block has a narrow corner in the east. Head into the alley and you will find the statue in the eastern corner.

47. In the alley behind the buildings of this block, the statue is in a shrine beside a building site.

48. At the western end of this tunnel under the train tracks, this statue is in a shrine on the other side of a short wall to the north.

49. This statue is in the alley behind a convenience store. From the store, go around to the right and find the statue in the back.

50. This statue is at the corner of two roads, underneath some trees.

51. Enter the alleyway from the south, and you will see the statue on the left behind a truck.

52. The statue is tucked in between some buildings. To get into the area, go to the north side of the block and you will find the statue in the corner.

There you have it, every Jizo Statue in Ghostwire Tokyo


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