How Long Is Ghostwire Tokyo?

How Long Is Ghostwire Tokyo?
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24th Mar 2022 23:00

Considering it is a very mysterious game, you might be wondering, just how long is Ghostwire Tokyo? While it certainly has some horror elements, Ghostwire Tokyo is actually an open-world action game, a first for developer Tango Gameworks. How long does it take to complete the game, and to find all of the secrets? Here is our full breakdown of just how long is Ghostiwre Tokyo.

How Long Is Ghostwire Tokyo: Beat The Story

How Long Is Ghostwire Tokyo: beat the story
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The main story of Ghostwire Tokyo is made up of six chapters, but only the first four take place in the game's open-world sections. The last two form a linear narrative, and the first is an introduction, so really you have three big chapters in the middle where you are free to explore.

Being an open-world game, it is easy to get side-tracked while wandering. However, if you are singularly focused on getting through the story, you can ignore all of that stuff. You might have a tough time as your character won’t be quite as levelled up as you should be, but it isn’t the hardest game.

If you really want to power through, you could reasonably beat the game in around 10 to 15 hours. Under 10 hours for sure if you never stop to see the sights.

How Long Is Ghostwire Tokyo: Main Story And Side Missions

How Long Is Ghostwire Tokyo: main story and side missions
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As is tradition with open-world games, Ghostwire Tokyo has plenty of side missions dotted around the map. There are lots of ghosts and spirits who need your help with a wide variety of things. If you want to get more out of the game by ticking off all of these extra missions, you will need to put in a decent amount of time.

All in all, completing all the side missions before completing the main story will definitely take you past the twenty-hour mark. Doing this will involve traversing most of the map, cleansing all the gates and shrines so you can find all the missions. It isn’t a huge undertaking, but certainly a bigger time commitment.


How Long is Ghostwire Tokyo: 100% Completion

How Long Is Ghostwire Tokyo: hundred percent completion
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Okay, we are going to say there are two ways to 100% complete Ghostwire Tokyo. The reasonable way, and the unreasonable way. Taking the reasonable route involves finding all the collectables, doing all the side missions and completing the story. Sure, that won’t get you a proper 100% completion and a platinum trophy, but getting that platinum involves finding every soul in the game.

The total number is hard to specify, the game asks you to rescue all 240,300 souls. As we said, unreasonable. That said, each soul you find adds roughly 100 to the number, so more likely we’re talking about 2000-3000 souls to collect. This is still a massive undertaking but it is required for a proper 100% completion.

Without collecting all the souls, you could complete every other aspect of the game; finding the Ghostwire Tokyo Tanukis, finding all the Jizo Statues, completing all the side missions, and finishing the game in around 35-40 hours. Doing all of that and also collecting all of the souls will easily add another 20 hours to that time.

As you can see, the answer to how long is Ghostwire Tokyo really depends on how much you want to get out of it. There is plenty to do while exploring Shibuya, but you can also just come for the story.

That's it for how long the game is, but find out more about the Ghostwire Tokyo Fallout Easter egg.


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