How long is Ghostwire Tokyo and how many chapters?

How long is Ghostwire Tokyo and how many chapters?
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If you've yet to play or have just started the game, you might be wondering "how long is Ghostwire Tokyo?". Let's get into the answer along with how many chapters are in Ghostwire Tokyo.

How long is Ghostwire Tokyo and how many chapters?

Main story only

how long ghostwire tokyo how many chapters
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The main story of Ghostwire Tokyo has 6 chapters which are at minimum about 11 hours long in total. Although, only the game's first four chapters take place in the game's open-world sections whilst the last two form a linear narrative.

Plus, the first chapter is an introduction. So, really you have three big chapters in the middle where you are free to explore.

Being an open-world game, it is easy to get side-tracked while wandering. However, if you are singularly focused on getting through the story, you can ignore all of that stuff.

You might have a tough time as your character won’t be quite as levelled up as you should be, but it isn’t the hardest game to beat otherwise. 

Main story and side missions

how long is ghostwire tokyo how many chapters main side missions
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As is tradition with open-world games, Ghostwire Tokyo has plenty of side missions dotted around the map. There are lots of ghosts and spirits who need your help with a wide variety of things.

If you want to get more out of the game by ticking off all of these extra missions, you will need to put in a decent amount of time.

All in all, side missions before completing the main story in Ghostwire Tokyo will definitely take you from 15 to 21 hours altogether, the latter if you wish to do them all. Doing this will involve traversing most of the map, and cleansing all the gates and shrines so you can find all the missions.

It isn’t a huge undertaking, but certainly a larger time commitment.

100% Completion

how long is ghostwire tokyo how many chapters 100% completion
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For completionists, Ghostwire Tokyo will take 35 to 40 hours altogether.

This length will involve finding all the collectables, doing all the side missions, and completing the story.  There is also includes rescuing all 240,300 spirits needed for the Salvation of All trophy/achievement.

Other side content for completionists includes finding the Ghostwire Tokyo Tanukis, finding all the Jizo Statues, and completing all the side missions - all along with the main story. 

In total, all that extra content will add an extra 20 to 29 hours to your playthrough.

All in all, Ghostwire Tokyo's length really depends on how much you want to get out of it. There is plenty to do while exploring Shibuya, but you can also just come for the story.

That's all you need to know from our guide answering "how long is Ghostwire Tokyo and how many chapters?". 

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