How to find all the Tanukis in Ghostwire: Tokyo

How to find all the Tanukis in Ghostwire: Tokyo
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Tracking down the Ghostwire Tokyo Tanukis is one of the most challenging but fun parts of completing this game. The open world of Ghostwire Tokyo is detailed and intricate; there are dozens of streets and alleys, never mind the many, many rooftops. Tanuki can hide anywhere and disguise themselves as anything. Apart from their distinctive bushy tails that tend to poke out, it can be very hard to locate them. We've tracked down all 25 Ghostwire Tokyo Tanuki locations, so keep reading to find them all.

Where are all the Tanukis in Ghostwire Tokyo?

Ghostwire Tokyo Tanukis: 1
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1. Disguised as an office chair at the western edge of the forest.

Ghostwire Tokyo Tanukis: 2
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2. A phone booth at the most eastern point of the forest.

Ghostwire Tokyo Tanukis: 3
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3. Pretending to be a sign on the building beside Namihara Shrine.

Ghostwire Tokyo Tanukis: 4
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4. Hiding in a skewed vending machine in a car park.

Ghostwire Tokyo Tanuki 5
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5. Disguised as a Daruma statue in a fenced area beside the expressway.

Ghostwire Tokyo Tanuki 6
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6. Follow the northern side of the river under the expressway to the eastern end and you will find a tiny door with a tail.

Ghostwire Tokyo Tanuki 7
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7. This one is disguised as a Tanuki statue and is hiding between two buildings.

Ghostwire Tokyo Tanuki 8
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8. Hiding as a Daruma statue beside a building, beneath where the train tracks and expressway meet.

Ghostwire Tokyo Tanuki 9
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9. This one is barely hiding in a cardboard box.

Ghostwire Tokyo Tanuki 10
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10. Transformed itself into an entire billboard on top of a building.

Ghostwire Tokyo Tanuki 11
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11. Disguised as a noodle cup in the corner of a seating area behind an apartment building.

Ghostwire Tokyo Tanuki 12
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12. Unsuccessfully hiding as a traffic cone on the roof of Shibuya Central Hospital.

Ghostwire Tokyo Tanuki 13
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13. Pretending to be a vending machine in an alley south of Utagawa Shopping District.

Ghostwire Tokyo Tanuki 14
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14. Disguised as a porcelain Tanuki on top of a tall building just south of Mikubo Shrine.

Ghostwire Tokyo Tanuki 15
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15. Go to the cemetery south of Sakano Shrine, this Tanuki is disguised as one of the headstones.

Ghostwire Tokyo Tanuki 16
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16. Hiding as an antenna in the southeast corner of Shibuya Crossing.

Ghostwire Tokyo Tanuki 17
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17. On the western side of the building site south of Shibuya Station, the Tanuki is hiding as a novelty traffic sign.

Ghostwire Tokyo Tanuki 18
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18. Go west from Akisawa Shrine, then north into the alley behind the buildings to find this Tanuki hiding as a torii gate.

Ghostwire Tokyo Tanuki 19
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19. From the Namita Gate, go west along the rooftops and you will find a porcelain Tanuki statue.

Ghostwire Tokyo Tanuki 20
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20. This one is disguised as a torii gate, on top of a building with a large pink sign in the southwest corner of the map.

Ghostwire Tokyo Tanuki 21
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21. Disguised itself as a vending machine and stood in the middle of a once busy road.

Ghostwire Tokyo Tanuki 22
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22. Go north from the Akitsu Shrine and you will find a children’s park, this Tanuki is disguised as a panda ride.

Ghostwire Tokyo Tanuki 23
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23. This is probably the hardest Tanuki to get. It is on top of a very tall building between the Kuo and Kamio Shrines. Glide from a taller building or use the Tengu to get to the top, then deal with the small army of Visitors there. The Tanuki is hiding in the corner of the roof, disguised as a sign.

Ghostwire Tokyo Tanuki 24
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24. This Tanuki is disguised as a Daruma statue and is hiding in the garden of a traditional-style house.

How to find Tanukis in Ghostwire Tokyo

In the early part of the game, you will be guided to cleanse the Shiroyama Shrine. Once complete, you will meet the Boss Tanuki. He is the leader of a group of Tanuki who happened to be on holiday in Tokyo when everything got a bit spooky. He asks that you help him track down his friends, who have hidden all over the city.

To get you started, there is a Tanuki hiding nearby. Go down the stairs past the Boss Tanuki and look between the fence and the lantern. On the ground there you will see a small teapot with a furry tail. Interact with the pot and the hiding Tanuki will reveal himself. This is what you need to do 24 more times to uncover all of these adorable critters.

Spotting Tanukis can be difficult, mostly because they disguise themselves as objects you regularly see elsewhere. There are two things you can do to make life a bit easier for yourself. First, use the Square button regularly to ping your surroundings. This puts an outline around all nearby objects and enemies. While there can be dozens around you at once, if you pay careful attention you can often see the wagging tail of a Tanuki from far away using this ability. Also, there is a unique sound, similar to a chime or bell, that plays whenever you ping a Tanuki, so keep an ear open for that.

Ghostwire Tokyo Tanuki: Completing The Mission

Ghostwire Tokyo Tanuki: Completing the mission
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Once all the Tanukis have been found, you can go and speak to the Boss Tanuki again. He is at the shrine in the forest, the place where he told you to send all the other Tanukis. Speak with Boss Tanuki to complete the side mission and receive your reward, the Tanuki suit.

There you have it, every Tanuki location in Ghostwire Tokyo. For more on the game, why not check out Ghostwire Tokyo Fallout Easter Egg: How To Get The Fallout 4 Vault Suit.

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