Ghostwire Tokyo Prayer Beads: Which Prayer Beads Are Best To Use?

Ghostwire Tokyo Prayer Beads: Which Prayer Beads Are Best To Use?
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4th Apr 2022 11:48

Ghostwire Tokyo prayer beads will help you improve your chances in Shibuya, improving the efficacy of your power and abilities. Ghostwire Tokyo has many powers and abilities you can learn, and with the use of prayer beads, you can extend these powers even further. You can equip up to three of these beads at a time, so you need to decide which boosts are the most important. We have gathered and used them all, so here are our picks for the best Ghostwire Tokyo prayer beads.

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Ghostwire Tokyo Prayer Beads: How To Unlock Them

Ghostwire Tokyo Prayer Beads: How To Unlock Them
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Gathering all of the prayer beads around Ghostwire Tokyo is a pretty straightforward job. Dotted across the city are Torii Gates, which the player must seek out and cleanse. This will in turn unlock the map section by section. Many of these shrines also contain prayer beads, and you can check the map icons to see which ones are unlocked and where. The vast majority are unlocked this way, so go paint the map to get some beads.

The only prayer beads that aren’t unlocked this way are the Transmission Beads, which are unlocked after completing the main story. These beads make your collected souls transmit instantly, without the need for a payphone. Very useful for gathering all the spirits, but that is post-game stuff.

Also important to note, is the Prayer Beads Extra Set skills. Under the equipment tab of the skill menu, grab these skills to equip up to three sets of prayer beads at once and stack those buffs.


Ghostwire Tokyo Prayer Beads: Best Prayer Beads

Ghostwire Tokyo: Best Prayer Beads
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Choosing just three prayer beads to use consistently is tricky, thankfully you can change them around at any time. As such, we recommend adapting your Ghostwire Tokyo prayer beads to your situation. In a boss fight, equip beads that boost your damage. While out exploring, equip beads that aid in finding collectables. There are beads for every situation, but not all are equal. Here are the ones we would especially recommend to maximise your usage.

First of all, the various prayer beads that boost your damage are always useful. It is a good idea to keep one of these equipped, and for our money, we would recommend the Gust Beads. Fully levelled up, these beads increase the attack power of your wind magic by 60%. Considering wind attacks are your bread and butter, it makes the most sense to boost the damage of the attack you will use the most.

A good one to get early is the Prosperity Beads, which are acquired at the Chishima Shrine in the north-east of the map. This bead set doubles all Meika gained from collecting yellow ether. This is your main currency, and you need a lot of it for all of the collectables. Grab this one when you get to the area, and keep it on you while you explore and collect things to boost your income.

A particularly powerful bead set is the Incognito Beads. This one causes enemies to take longer to notice you, and it certainly seems to work. With these beads equipped, you can waltz up behind or alongside the Visitors without alerting them. This is a hugely beneficial ability because using stealth to take down enemies is powerful. Equip these beads to sneak into a group of ghosts and take them down one by one, without firing off a single spell.

Those are our picks for the best prayer beads to use in Ghostwire Tokyo.

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