How To Reroll Augments In Fortnite

How To Reroll Augments In Fortnite
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20th Jan 2023 09:58

Are you stuck trying to figure out how to reroll Augments in Fortnite? Brand-new in Chapter 4, the Augments enhance player autonomy and allow you to buff and boost your Fortnite character as you see fit. But if you don't like the options in front of you, it's critical to know how to reroll Augments in Fortnite.

Fortnite Augments Explained

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Fortnite Augments are essentially perks that offer various buffs. As a match progresses, you will be offered Augments periodically. The pool of Augments is vast, so what you can get each match won't always be the same.

The right Augments can give you a serious edge in Fortnite, so make sure to activate Augments when they're available! In the later stages of a match, it's possible to have four different Augments working at the same time.

How To Reroll Augments In Fortnite

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When an Augment is ready, you will receive a notification on the right-hand side of your screen. Upon pressing the associated button/key, you will be presented with two Augments to choose from. However, with so many Augments available, there's always a chance you get offered two that don't fit your style of play.

If you don't like your choices, you can reroll and receive two new Augments to pick from. To reroll Augments in Fortnite, select the option listed under the undesirable Augments. 

Your first reroll in a match is free, but after that, you'll have to cough up 100 Gold Bars. So, be selective with your rerolls, as it'll cost you to be picky!

Don't settle for useless Augments! Reroll Augments in Fortnite to create a setup that's right for you and bolster your chances at obtaining a Victory Royale.

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