How To Get And Use Falcon Scout In Fortnite

How To Get And Use Falcon Scout In Fortnite
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18th Jan 2023 10:32

The brand new Fortnite Falcon Scout item looks set to be one of the more useful gadgets in the game with plenty of features to help players win in the Battle Royale. Added in the v23.20 update for Fortnite Chapter 4, this handy little remote control drone has plenty of tricks up its sleeves that players will need to watch out for. So, how can you get and use this new Falcon Scout in Fortnite?

Fortnite Falcon Scout: How To Use

The Falcon Scout has plenty of functionality to help you in a match of Fortnite. It acts as a drone, letting you fly it around the map after deploying it. You should be aware that you can't control your player character while piloting the Falcon Scout, so be sure to deploy it while you're hidden away in cover.

The first main use of the Falcon Scout is for reconnaissance. While flying high above the map, you can use it to spot enemy players from afar. If you scan for enemies, it should mark them on your screen to make it even easier to find them when returning to your player character. You can also place map markers at the same time while using the Falcon Scout.

Perhaps the most exciting use for the Falcon Scout is that it can be used to pick up items, and even knocked players. Of course, you can use it to bring your downed teammates closer to you to revive them. Alternatively, you can also use it to pick up downed enemies and bring them closer to you to finish the kill. Or, drop them from a great height to end their game that way.

The Falcon Scout has a health bar with 100 points of damage, so you'll want to steer clear of enemy fire. However, you can redeploy the same Falcon Scout drone as many times in a match as you like, so there's no harm in recalling it if you smell trouble. The drone has a speed boost feature which is useful for getting out of fights quickly.

Fortnite Falcon Scout: How To Get

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The Fortnite Falcon Scout can be found as ground loot, or in any of the chests you can find around the map. If you've not found one yet, simply keep opening chests around the island and you'll find one eventually.

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