What Are Siphons And What Do They Do In Fortnite?

What Are Siphons And What Do They Do In Fortnite?
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18th Jan 2023 11:03

Epic Games has added a bunch of new Siphon Augments to Fortnite Chapter 4 which look set to change up the game in a big way. Augments are a new mechanic to Fortnite in Chapter 4 that allows players to earn additional gameplay perks as a match progresses. A whole host of new Augments have arrived in update v23.20, but these Siphon variants are certainly the most interesting. Here's how Siphon Augments work in Fortnite Chapter 4.

What Are Siphons And What Do They Do In Fortnite?

The Siphon mechanic has been in Fortnite in the past, but not recently. Essentially, Siphon means that any damage you deal to enemies will be returned to you as healing. As you can imagine, this is a very powerful ability that is usually reserved only for Limited Time Modes. However, Epic Games has decided to bring back the Siphon ability with the new Augments system.

There are two new Siphon Augments arriving in Fortnite Chapter 4 with update v23.20. The first of them is 'Shotgun Striker', which has a description that reads, "Shotguns give siphon on hits against players". When this is equipped, any damage you deal to enemies with Shotguns will Siphon some health back to you.

The second Siphon Augment is called "Rarity Check". The description for this one says, "You gain siphon on eliminations with common or uncommon weapons". You'll want to make sure you have either green or grey weapons equipped for this one. When Rarity Check is equipped, any eliminations you earn with common or uncommon weapons will return some health back to you.

How To Get Siphon Augments In Fortnite?

As with all Augments, these are unlocked by surviving in a Fortnite match for a designated length of time. If you survive long enough, you'll eventually be asked to equip one from the menu that appears on the screen. The Augments that you get to choose are random, so it's purely up to chance whether you'll see the Siphon Augments on there. If you play enough matches, though, you should eventually get the chance to equip one.

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