FIFA 23 Ones To Watch: All OTW Players

FIFA 23 Ones To Watch: All OTW Players
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28th Sep 2022 17:17

The FIFA 23 Ones to Watch promo is likely to be the first to arrive in the new game, and it will almost certainly bring an exciting element to the game's earliest weeks. The Ones to Watch promo in FIFA is all about celebrating new transfer moves in the footballing world, giving players cards that reward their progression across the real-life season. So, if you want to find out all of the confirmed FIFA 23 OTW players, make sure to keep reading.

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FIFA 23 Ones To Watch Confirmed Players

FIFA 23 Ones to Watch Players
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Here's a list of every FIFA 23 Ones to Watch player in the promo, and how you'll be able to get them:

Player Name Club Release
De Ligt Bayern Munich Mini Batch (Released October 2)
Bergwijn Ajax Mini Batch (Released October 2)
Renato Sanches PSG Mini Batch (Released October 2)
Richarlison Spurs Objective (Released September 30)
Dest Milan Objective
Mané Bayern Munich Packs
Schlotterbeck Borussia Dortmund Packs
Lewandowski Barcelona Packs
Rudiger Real Madrid Packs
Tchouaméni Real Madrid Packs
Tolisso Olympique Lyon Packs
Haaland Manchester City Packs
Núñez Liverpool Packs
Antony Manchester United Packs
Adams Leeds United Packs
Dybala Roma Packs
Gabriel Jesus Arsenal Packs
Kessié Barcelona SBC
Sterling Chelsea SBC (Released October 6)
Di Maria Juventus SBC (Released September 26)

There are a fair amount of heavy hitters that you can pack in this years edition of the Ones to Watch promo, with particular highlights coming in the form of Haaland, Rudiger, Mané, Renato Sanches, and Antony. If you manage to pack one of these players, not only will you save a ton of money from not having to buy them on the market, but they are all likely to receive at least two upgrades, which can be very handy.

It is also great to see players like Richarlison, Sterling, and Dest be released as either an SBC or an objective, making them much more obtainable compared to being locked within packs. This does of course mean that any of the players listed as being in packs will have their standard cards unavailable for the length of the promo, so they are likely to soar in price on the transfer market.

It is a shame that the players in the mini release, SBCs, and objectives aren't going to be included in the Ultimate Edition free pack, so if you were looking to bag a Renato Sanches or De Ligt, then unfortunately you'll have to head towards the standard packs.

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What Is The FIFA 23 Ones To Watch Promo?

FIFA 23 Ones to Watch Promo explained
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If you're unfamiliar with how the Ones to Watch promo has worked in past FIFA titles, it releases a bunch of live cards into the game that are exclusively reserved for players who have moved clubs over the summer. 


These cards initially offer no boost over their base cards, and have the exact same stats just with a fancy card design. The appeal of these Ones to Watch cards though is that they have the potential to exponentially improve if the player does well in real life.

Ones to Watch cards not only increase with every performance-related card a player gets, but also have a chance to receive an additional plus one boost if the player's team does well in real life too. This means that getting your hands on a desirable Ones to Watch player that is also doing well in real life can spell wonders for either your team or your coins balance as they improve.

EA Sports has changed the way Ones to Watch cards upgrade in FIFA 23. Instead of a boost being given after their team wins five out of a series of ten matches, Ones to Watch cards in FIFA 23 will be eligible for a 'Wins to Watch' boost if their teams wins three of their next eight league games post September 30.

Furthermore, with the FIFA 23 World Cup game mode coming this year, Ones to Watch cards will have a unique interaction with that, called 'Nations to Watch'. If any of the Ones to Watch players' nation wins a single match at the World Cup, they will receive an in-form boost regardless of whether they were playing at all. Bad news for Haaland Ones to Watch owners though.

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How To Get A Free FIFA 23 Ones To Watch Player

FIFA 23 Ones to Watch Free Player
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If you're wanting to get ahead early in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team with a free Ones to Watch player, then there is thankfully an easy way to do so. All you need to do is preorder the Ultimate Edition of the game before September 29, and you'll be entitled to a single free Ones to Watch player.

So, that's all you need to know about the FIFA 23 Ones to Watch promo, including a full list of the confirmed players so far, and a guide on how to get your hands on a free Ones to Watch player. If you're wondering what is in store for the FIFA 23 World Cup game mode though, make sure to check out our handy guide.

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