FIFA 23 Career Mode: Personality, Highlights, Managers

FIFA 23 Career Mode: Personality, Highlights, Managers
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Harry Boulton


15th Aug 2022 16:45

While certain fans have been unhappy with the direction of the game mode in past years, the FIFA 23 Career Mode that is coming seems jam-packed with new features. Career Mode has been a staple of FIFA games for nearly 20 years now, so it is only fair to give players new ways to tackle, evolve, and improve the complex sphere that is the footballing world. So, for all the latest FIFA 23 Career Mode details, make sure to check out the rest of this guide.

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FIFA 23 Career Mode Player Personality

FIFA 23 Career Mode Player Personality
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One of the most significant new features coming to FIFA 23 Career Mode is 'player personality', which is exclusive to the Player Career Mode. 

This new feature tracks all the actions that your player takes, and slots them into three distinct personality groups that are supposed to help enhance your player's specific playstyle. For example, if your player often chooses to shoot instead of passing, you will benefit from more goal-oriented stat boosts like finishing and composure. 

The three FIFA 23 Career Mode player personality groups are as follows:

  • Maverick
  • Heartbeat
  • Virtuoso

FIFA 23 Career Mode Player Personality groups
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Maverick gives boosts to stats like Penalities, Attack Positioning, and Finishing, making it perfect for your up-and-coming striker looking to score as many goals as possible. Heartbeat on the other hand is perfect for your commanding midfielder role, boosting attributes like Vision, Ball Control, and Short Pass. Finally, the Virtuoso personality group, while not directly defender based, does give your player the advantage in more workhorse-esque stats like Stamina, Strength, and Composure.

There will be opportunities to expand and grow these groups outside of actions in matches too, and you will be able to make specific 'decisions' that will give you more points in specific categories. Actions like thanking everyone for their support after a bad match will give you more Heartbeat points, but deflecting the criticism will mould your player into more of a Maverick.

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FIFA 23 Career Mode Playable Highlights

FIFA 23 Career Mode Playable Highlights
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Fans will be delighted to hear that playable highlights are coming to FIFA 23 Career Mode, meaning that you can avoid full 90-minute games and just play the best bits if you don't have time - or if you simply can't be bothered. 

The game will simulate itself until it reaches a point that could potentially determine the outcome of the game, and then the player will be able to step in and test their skills under pressure. 

It is apparently based around the attributes of both teams, so you might not be able to cheese wins through this feature, but it is bound to save you plenty of time you might have lost passing it around the back while 10-0 up.

FIFA 23 Career Mode Dynamic Moments

FIFA 23 Career Mode Dynamic Moments
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Having been introduced a couple of years ago, the cinematic side of Career Mode will flourish even more through the new dynamic moments. 


These dynamic moments will occur in both Player and Manager Career Mode, when significant events happen in the footballing world. For example, signing for a new team or your team bringing in a big new player will trigger a cinematic which will only ramp up the excitement even further. 

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FIFA 23 Career Mode Authentic Managers

FIFA 23 Career Mode Authentic Managers
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Easily one of the most exciting new ways to play FIFA 23 Career Mode though comes in the form of authentic managers. This new option within the Manager section of Career Mode allows you to pick any of the current real-life managers that exist within FIFA 23 and play out a career as them, instead of your own custom manager. 

You can choose to keep them at their current club, move them to a different club of your choosing, or even create an entirely new club for them to build their legacy at. This feature brings a completely new field to career mode that makes the experience even more immersive, with real-life narratives intertwined into every decision. 

So, that wraps up all of the big new features coming to FIFA 23 Career Mode, with many highlights that should make you more excited than ever before to jump into your journey. If FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is more of your thing though, don't miss our guide for everything we currently know about that prior to release.

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