FIFA 23 World Cup Game Mode: Ultimate Team, Release Date, Price

FIFA 23 World Cup Game Mode: Ultimate Team, Release Date, Price
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1st Nov 2022 15:34

After four long years of waiting, the FIFA 23 World Cup game mode is back, and in a dual format too. The World Cup is one of the most exciting times to be a football fan, and that certainly translates to FIFA, as the game integrates many different ways to celebrate the competition. So, if you're wanting to find out all about the FIFA 23 World Cup game mode, make sure to carry on reading down below.

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FIFA 23 World Cup Game Mode Details

FIFA 23 World Cup Game Mode Details
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 A full deep dive into the new FIFA 23 World Cup game mode has been released, giving us all of the details we were looking for when it comes to single player, online, and Ultimate Team integration.

The main appeal of the FIFA 23 World Cup integration is the game mode itself, which gives you a variety of different ways to interact with and rewrite the actions of the World Cup as it is going on.

There are four main game modes within FIFA 23 World Cup, which are the following:

  • FIFA World Cup Live
  • FIFA World Cup 2022
  • FIFA World Cup Kick Off
  • Online Tournament

FIFA World Cup Live gives you a direct link to the World Cup as it happens. You'll be able to play all of the upcoming matches each day before they happen, but also replay them after they've already happened with authentic line ups, group standings, and results. You can also rewrite the outcome of each and every match to change the destiny of the World Cup winner.

The FIFA World Cup 2022 mode gives you a completely custom tournament mechanic, allowing you to play through the World Cup from start to finish as you like. You can even include nations that just missed out on qualifying too, if you want to see how they would fare, or take them to glory yourself.

Finally, Online Tournament mode allows you to play as any of the qualified nations, and take them from the knockout stages all the way to World Cup glory. The team you choose does not need to have reached the knockouts, so if they've been embarrassingly left behind in their group, then you can at least try to redeem them in FIFA form.

FIFA 23 World Cup Ultimate Team Details

FIFA 23 World Cup Leaks
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As the World Cup is happening in the middle of an Ultimate Team cycle, as opposed to right at the end, there will be no separate mode this year, with EA opting instead for a complete integration into the mode.

It appears as if the entirety of Season Two will be dedicated to the World Cup, bringing a whole suite of new cards, player types, SBCs, and objectives for you to play with. Alongside this will be an abundance of customisation items like kits, stadium items, and tifos to get you in the World Cup mood.

We already know about the new World Cup Heroes that have boosted stats, but there are a bunch of other different card types joining them in celebration of the tournament. New special World Cup variants of certain Icon cards will be released, alongside World Cup limited time card that appear to be fully tied to their nation, and potentially upgrade as the tournament goes on. Furthermore, cards celebrating the tournament's best players, and what looks to be specific man of the match cards will also be included in the overhaul.


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FIFA 23 World Cup Leaks

While we have seen quite a lot of the features within this mode, prominent FIFA leaker FUT Sheriff has revealed that there will be a World Cup swaps system, similar to the various promo swaps and Icon swaps that we have seen in previous years. 

It is supposedly going to launch from November 11, with the World Cup Heroes, and you will be able to redeem permanent pack content like 85+x10 packs through various objectives.

When Does The FIFA 23 World Cup Game Mode Start?

FIFA 23 World Cup release date
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The FIFA 23 World Cup game mode is due to start with the new Ultimate Team season on November 9, with the World Cup swaps and Heroes likely to arrive a couple of days later. While we do not have a specific end date yet, it will likely cease when the Ultimate Team season ends, so around Christmas time.

Will The FIFA 23 World Cup Game Mode Be Free?

FIFA 23 World Cup price
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Thankfully the FIFA 23 World Cup game mode will be completely free, operating as post-launch content updates as opposed to any paid expansions or DLC. 

This comes in the form of both the standard World Cup mode outside of Ultimate Team, and every part of the Ultimate Team integration.

So, that's all the information we know at the moment about the FIFA 23 World Cup game mode, but make sure to stay tuned in the future as we will update you with any new details as and when we find out more. If you're looking for more general details about the FIFA 23 release date, however, make sure to read our guide for that.

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