FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: Chemistry, FUT Moments, Customisation

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: Chemistry, FUT Moments, Customisation
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Harry Boulton


12th Aug 2022 12:00

The FIFA 23 Ultimate Team reveal has finally arrived, and it has brought a lot of new and exciting features to the table that are sure to shake up the FUT meta. Ultimate Team in FIFA is undeniably the most popular game mode, so it is very much in EA's interests to make each new entry feel as fresh as possible. So, for all of the latest FIFA 23 Ultimate Team updates, including chemistry changes, FUT Moments, and more, make sure to keep on reading.

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FIFA 23 Chemistry Changes Explained

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team chemistry
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Perhaps the biggest shake up arriving in the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team game mode is the complete revamp to the chemistry system.

Traditionally, chemistry in Ultimate Team was measured by a 100-point scale on a team level, and a 10-point scale for individual players. Players would gain stat boosts when on high chemistry, enabled by the various chemistry style cards that could be applied to a player.

Each card gained chemistry through links to neighbouring cards of either the same nation or league, with extra 'strong' links giving more chemistry if players were from the same club or shared both the same nation and league. Players also needed to be in the correct position to reach max chemistry, but this could be very easily manipulated to make some interesting teams.

This old system based around adjacent links has been completely thrown out of the window with FIFA 23 though, as EA has opted for a three-point scale for links that work across the whole team, instead of the traditional ten points.

In this new system, the chemistry of the team and each individual player is calculated on a team-wide scale, for example, you could have Mohamed Salah on the right wing and Andy Robertson at left-back, and they would both gain chemistry due to the fact they both play for Liverpool, despite being on opposite sides of the team. 

This isn't just limited to specific teams either, as players can gain chemistry points from league and nation similarities, allowing for a much more flexible approach to team building that should encourage the usage of a wider variety of players.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Chemistry Explained
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There will be a handy list on the left-hand side of the team building screen, showing you all of the leagues and nations in your current team, and the number of chemistry points distributed to each of them. This should make chemistry a much easier process to make up, showing you exactly what you need to do to gain those last few points.


FIFA 23 Icons and FIFA 23 Heroes also have a big part to play in this new chemistry system too, as they give double the chemistry points for their nations and leagues respectively. This keeps even the less-meta versions of these cards relevant, as they can make or break the cohesion of your team.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Position Changes
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Player positions have also had a big overhaul in FIFA 23, making it a much more realistic approach to team building. Gone are the days of Mbappe at CDM, as players can now only have their positions changed to a select few roles that are individually tailored for each player. This also means that we can finally see some previously forbidden position changes like right back to left back or left midfielder to right midfielder

Finally, there is no stat debuff for players on low chemistry anymore, meaning that even if they are completely out of position with no links, they will just play with their card's base stats. This should allow you to play with a wider range of players, or try out a card that doesn't fit your team at all, just to see how they are.

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FIFA 23 Ultimate Team FUT Moments Details

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team FUT Moments
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The FIFA 23 FUT Moments game mode is a completely new addition to the series, and offers players a completely new way to play and earn rewards. 

In FUT Moments, players will be able to attempt various challenges in specific short periods of matches. This comprises things like scoring a free-kick, completing a two goal comeback, or scoring with your goalkeeper. EA have stated that specific challenges could potentially be themed around real-world football events, where you might have to recreate a specific goal scored at the weekend, or a historic match between two teams. 

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team FUT Moments Rewards
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Arriving alongside this new mode is a brand new currency called FUT Stars, which can be collected by completing various FUT Moments challenges. Playing specific FUT Moments on higher difficulties will earn you more stars, and then they can be spent on various rewards like packs or loans. 

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FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Customisation

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Customisation
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Alongside the new game comes new ways to customise your FIFA 23 Ultimate Team experience. While we have only seen a brief glimpse of what is in store, new enhancements to existing items have been teased.

Players will now be able to deck their stadium out with various animated tifos and pitch trophies, alongside other various stadium themes.

Furthermore, the addition of FIFA 23 new stadiums means that you'll be able to play on various pitches that have been excluded from past FIFA games, including the Allianz Arena or Stadio Olimpico.

So, that's everything we know at the moment about the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team game mode, but I'm sure there will be more to come as we get closer to the game's release. For more information about the FIFA 23 World Cup game mode, or FIFA 23 crossplay and how they will interact with Ultimate Team, make sure to check out our handy guides.

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