FIFA 23 FUT Birthday leaks and predictions

FIFA 23 FUT Birthday leaks and predictions
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Harry Boulton


24th Mar 2023 18:00

The FIFA 23 FUT Birthday promo is one that many players have been ardently looking forward to for the whole cycle. As a regular fixture in FIFA Ultimate Team, this particular promo is very much a celebration of the game mode as a whole.

So, if you're wanting to see all of the FIFA 23 FUT Birthday players in the game, all you need to do is read the rest of this guide below.

FIFA 23 FUT Birthday leaks and predictions

FIFA 23 FUT Birthday leaks and predictions
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The FIFA team have treated us well this year even though its their birthday, giving us a plethora of top tier cards to hopefully pick up. In a similar fashion to several other promos this year, FIFA 23 Icons are included once more, and there are some cards you'll be dying to pack.

Here are all of the FIFA 23 FUT Birthday players:

  • Bernardo Silva (Manchester City)
  • Marquinhos (PSG)
  • Thomas Muller (Bayern Munich)
  • Joao Felix (Chelsea)
  • Alban Lafont (FC Nantes)
  • Emerson Royal (Spurs)
  • Samuel Chukwueze (Villarreal)
  • Yeray (Athletic Club)
  • Djibril Sow (Eintracht Frankfurt)
  • Ferenc Puskas
  • Eric Cantona
  • George Best
  • Lothar Matthaus
  • Jairzinho
  • Ronald Koeman
  • Ian Rush
  • Rui Costa

As you can see there are some really high-profile players on offer here that you will be dying to pack. All of the standard cards will be desirable on their own, but the inclusion of Icons like Jairzinho, Matthaus, and Puskas really take it to the next level and will be meta-defining cards.

FIFA 23 FUT Birthday Weak Foot and Skill Move upgrades

Furthermore, EA have been extra generous and have boosted at least one of each players' Skill Moves or Weak Foot to five stars, making these cards even stronger and more desirable.

Here are all of the FIFA 23 FUT Birthday Weak Foot and Skill Moves boosts:

  • Bernardo Silva - Five Star Weak Foot
  • Marquinhos - Five Star Weak Foot
  • Thomas Muller - Five Star Skill Moves
  • Joao Felix - Five Star Weak Foot
  • Alban Lafont - Five Star Weak Foot & Skill Moves
  • Emerson Royal - Five Star Skill Moves
  • Samuel Chukwueze - Five Star Weak Foot
  • Yeray - Five Star Skill Moves
  • Djibril Sow - Five Star Weak Foot
  • Ferenc Puskas - Five Star Weak Foot
  • Eric Cantona - Five Star Weak Foot
  • George Best - Five Star Skill Moves
  • Lothar Matthaus - Five Star Weak Foot
  • Jairzinho - Five Star Weak Foot
  • Ronald Koeman - Five Star Weak Foot
  • Ian Rush - Five Star Skill Moves
  • Rui Costa - Five Star Skill Moves

As you can see, all of these boosts are incredibly welcome and turn otherwise mediocre cards into ones worth picking up. Boosting Jairzinho to 5/5 is the clear highlight, but Lafont's massive double boost could also be really fun.

FIFA 23 FUT Birthday swaps explained

FIFA 23 FUT Birthday swaps
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In addition to the abundance of top-tier players on offer, there is also a swaps program for FIFA 23 FUT Birthday. If you've played any FIFA at all this year you should be familiar with how these things work, but generally, you complete certain objectives and SBCs to earn tokens, with which you can trade in for various rewards.

These could be high-value packs, player picks, and even just cards themselves, and are well worth doing if you've got the time and skill. It has already started with a number of tokens on offer already, and there will be 30 tokens available in total across objectives, SBCs, and packs.

So, that's everything you need to know about the FIFA 23 FUT Birthday promo. Make sure to check out these FIFA 23 cheapest 85 rated players if you've got any SBCs to complete.

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