FIFA 23 Pro Clubs: VOLTA, Customisation

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs: VOLTA, Customisation
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Harry Boulton


8th Aug 2022 19:52

The FIFA 23 Pro Clubs game mode is back, and alongside its return comes a plethora of new content, features, and integrations. Ever since its introduction back in FIFA 09, Pro Clubs has been a hugely popular game mode, allowing players to build a dream team made up exclusively with their friends. So, for all the latest FIFA 23 Pro Clubs details, make sure to carry on reading. 

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs VOLTA Integration

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs VOLTA
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One of the biggest new features found in the FIFA 23 Pro Clubs game mode is its integrations with VOLTA - the FIFA Street style mode introduced back in FIFA 20. One of the main parts of this integration is the introduction of a seasonal model to the Pro Clubs game mode, allowing players to progress through the levels with XP, earning specific rewards - chiefly, VOLTA coins.

Players can then take the VOLTA coins they have earned over to the VOLTA game mode and spend them on various customisation and cosmetic items for their character. The great part about this is not only the opportunity to earn these cosmetic items across multiple game modes, but the fact that you can then use these items for your very own FIFA 23 Pro Clubs character, giving you another level of identity when playing with your friends. 

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FIFA 23 Pro Clubs Drop-Ins Changes

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs Drop-Ins
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Anyone who loves the Pro Clubs Drop-Ins game mode is going to be happy, as EA has introduced quicker systems that should hopefully make you feel less disappointed after a game.

Firstly, match halves have been reduced to just four minutes, allowing games to speed by, and truly emulating that fast-paced pick up game feel. Furthermore, extra time has been binned, and replaced with the classic Golden Goal, giving players the tense race towards the final winning goal. 

Unfortunately, games will still end in a draw if no team scores after two periods of Golden Goal, but at least that cuts out the potential extra time of a penalty shootout.

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs New Perks

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs New Perks
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Alongside the other more background-focussed changes to the FIFA 23 Pro Clubs game mode, EA is also introducing four exciting new perks into the ecosystem, giving you a couple of new ways to improve your character and get the upper hand over the opposing team.

The four new perks in question are the following:

  • Poacher (Attacking) - Increases finishing inside the box by boosting stats like Volleys, Finishing, and Heading Accuracy
  • Light Passes (Chance Creation) - Improves the likelihood that your teammates control and trap your incoming passes
  • Interceptor (Defensive) - Increases the likelihood that you intercept or block your opponent's passes and shots when in close proximity to the ball
  • Chase Down (Defensive) - Increases your pace after losing possession, deactivating after 40 seconds if possession has not been regained.

All four of these new perks will give you a great opportunity to score that all-important goal that decides the game, it's just a case of knowing when to use them best that will truly give you the upper hand.

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FIFA 23 Pro Clubs Levelling Changes

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs Levelling Changes
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Another big change that is coming to the FIFA 23 Pro Clubs game mode is a shift to the way that you level up, as EA - and the community - felt that it leaned too heavily on the grindy side of things.

To combat this, EA have made the following changes to the levelling system, which should help make the whole process much less of a slog to get through:

  • The number of XP you needed to progress between levels has significantly decreased
  • The amount of XP needed to reach max level has decreased
  • The max level cap has been raised from 25 to 100
  • A maximum of 185 Skill Points will be earnable for players
  • All perks are unlocked before level 25, and after that players will earn more perk slots and Skill Points


All in all, it seems like this is definitely a step in the right direction, and should be a far more satisfying experience. Even just from a levelling stand point, increasing the amount of levels by four times, but decreasing the amount of XP to reach max level should give you that shiny feeling of levelling up far more often than before.

So, that rounds of everything you need to know about the FIFA 23 Pro Clubs game mode ahead of the release of the game. If you're into Ultimate Team as well, make sure to check out which FIFA 23 Icons will be making their way to the new title.

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