FFXIV Makai Gear: How To Obtain The Makai Gear Set

FFXIV Makai Gear: How To Obtain The Makai Gear Set
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13th Apr 2022 00:16

The FFXIV Makai gear is obtainable again thanks to the recent 6.1 patch and includes gear sets for the jobs introduced in Shadowbringers and Endwalker. The Garo collaboration event originally ran in Final Fantasy 14 from the January 2017 to October 19. Many new players were disappointed to find out that the Makai gear was now unavailable, however, the return of the Garo event is a cause for celebration. The FFXIV Makai gear is especially popular for glams and is easy and straightforward to obtain, so here's how.

FFXIV Makai Gear: What Is It?

Makai Gear Set For White Mage Healers
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The Makai gear is a reward for taking part in Player Versus Player (PvP) content after speaking with the Disreputable Priest at Wolves’ Den Pier. PvP content in FFXIV rewards you with a currency called Wolf Marks. This currency is used to obtain PvP gear from the PvP hub area Wolves' Den Pier, and with the return of the Garo event, Wolf Marks can now also be used to acquire the Makai gear.

Makai gear sets are mostly used as glam pieces in Final Fantasy 14, much like the standard PvP gear is. The set consists of a full five-piece gear set, and you can pick and choose the pieces you want to obtain and wear.

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FFXIV Makai Gear: How To Earn Wolf Marks

Makai Gear Set For Warrior Tanks
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Earning wolf marks is quite a straightforward task, though the amount you are rewarded with depends on if you win or not in the PvP content. There’s a selection of PvP content available in Final Fantasy 14 such as The Feast, a 4v4 or 8v8 battle where both teams fight against each other. There’s also Frontline, which is a much larger battlefield with players split into 3 alliances. Lastly, there is Rival Wings, FFXIV's version of a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) consisting of 24v24 players.

Each of these PvP modes rewards you with Wolf Marks even if you and your team lose, however, if you win you get bonus Wolf Marks. This currency can then be exchanged at Wolves’ Den Pier. An easy way of obtaining a constant flow of Wolf Marks is taking part in the PvP Daily Roulettes, these reward you with a decent amount of Wolf Marks just for participating daily.

Additionally, Final Fantasy 14 provides players with a weekly Challenge Log consisting of challenges for various features of the game, including PvP. For each PvP challenge that you complete, you will earn 1000 Wolf Marks. These challenges reset every week on a Tuesday.

PvP content can be unlocked once you have a job that is level 30 or higher, read out FFXIV leveling guide to learn how you can level up fast and efficiently.

FFXIV Makai Gear: How To Get The Makai Gear

Once you’ve taken part in the PvP content in FFXIV, you will be able to exchange this currency at Wolves' Den Pier for the Makai gear from the Garo collaboration event. How many Wolf Marks you need depends on how many pieces of Makai gear you want. Some of the gear is shared between jobs such as Bard and Machinist, but some pieces are solely for one job such as the Paladin set.

The Wolf Marks needed for each gear piece is:

  • Weapon: 4,000 Wolf Marks
  • Feet: 2,000 Wolf Marks
  • Legs: 4,000 Wolf Marks
  • Accessory: 1,000 Wolf Marks
  • Hands: 2,000 Wolf Marks
  • Chest: 4,000 Wolf Marks
  • Head: 2,000 Wolf Marks



FFXIV Makai Gear: Garo Event Title And Mount Rewards

All Garo Mounts Available In The Garo Event
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Acquiring the Makai gear sets in Final Fantasy 14 isn’t just great for showing off your fantastic glam, but it can also unlock the special Makai titles depending on your job. Once you have collected a full five-piece set for a job, including the weapon, you then equip this set and speak to the Disreputable Priest at Wolves’ Den Pier. It’s important to note here that the Makai gear accessory piece is not necessary for this.

Once you have spoken to the Disreputable Priest, you will be awarded the Makai title specified for the job. It doesn’t end there though for the Garo event rewards. If you have one of the Makai titles equipped on your character you can take part in PvP content to work towards earning the special Garo event mounts. If you’ve unlocked flying in FF14 you can take these mounts to the sky with your new trusty companion. It can be quite an arduous task when trying to find the Aether Currents to be able to fly in each area, so check out our FFXIV Aether Currents guide to help you spread your wings.

Here are the ways you can unlock these 3 mounts:

  • Win 10 PvP Frontline matches with a Makai title equipped to get the Ginga Pipe.
  • Win 60 matches of PvP Frontline or PvP Feast matches with a Makai title equipped to get the Raigo Pipe.
  • Win 30 matches of PvP Feast with a Makai title equipped to get the Goten Pipe.

Once you have completed the required challenge, you will be rewarded with the mount and the ability to flex your PvP power, equipped with your Makai gear.

Now you know all about Makai Gear, why not read our FFXIV levelling guide that explains how to level up quickly?


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