Fall Guys Join Party Error

Fall Guys Join Party Error
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28th Jun 2022 12:26

A Fall Guys join party error can bring a sudden stop to the fun, but it doesn't have to. Fall Guys is the definition of a party game, but a party is no good without friends. There have been occasional issues with connectivity, and we have some tips on how to avoid them. Here is what you need to do in the case of a Fall Guys join party error.

Fall Guys Join Party Error: Xbox and Nintendo Switch

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These new versions of the game have come about since the move to Fall Guys Free-to-Play. Any version can have issues, but there haven’t been as many connection bugs reported on these platforms.

If issues do arise, your best bet is to restart the game. If that doesn’t help, reinstalling the game might be required. If reinstalling the game doesn’t fix the problem, then there is likely an issue at the source. In that case, check the Fall Guys social media channels for any ongoing issues or outages.

Fall Guys Join Party Error: PC

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The steps mentioned for Xbox and Switch also apply to the PC version of the game. Restarting the game, restarting your computer, and reinstalling the game can help solve most issues.

Another step you can take when playing Fall Guys through Steam is to verify the game files. To do this, right-click on Fall Guys in your library, choose Properties, and then go to Local Files. Then click the verify integrity of game files button. This process will make sure the files for the game are intact and working properly, and should fix any issues that may be present.


Fall Guys Join Party Error: PlayStation

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All of the usual methods can be applied to the PlayStation, however, there is a known issue with the PS5 version of the game. Many players have reported being unable to join up with friends while playing the game on their PlayStation 5. This appears to be a bug and hopefully, one that will be removed before too long.

In the meantime, you can remedy this issue by installing the PS4 version of the game. Many players have reported that installing the PS4 version of Fall Guys has fixed the problem and allowed them to connect with friends, even on other platforms.

If that does not fix your issues, try restarting and reinstalling the game. If none of these steps allow you to connect with friends in a party, then chances are there is an issue with the game on the developer’s end and there is little you can do but wait.

Those are some steps you can take to correct a Fall Guys join party error. For more on the game, check out how to invite friends in Fall Guys.

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