Everything You Need To Know About Shadowlands Raid Consumables

Everything You Need To Know About Shadowlands Raid Consumables

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17th Dec 2020 16:44

The doors of Castle Nathria have opened, and the race for world first is on and while perhaps you aren’t quite a progress raider, you’d still like a slice of the entertainment by getting into the action. In order to hang with the others and pull your weight, consumables will be required to down those bosses. While a bunch of stuff has decomplexified such as the Flasks in Shadowlands, potions, oils, stones, and food needs to be navigated. No worries though, here is everything you need to know about Shadowlands Raid Consumables.

Shadowlands Raid Consumables -  Potions, Oils, and Stones

Potions are by far the most extensive group of consumables that the player will have to wrap their mind around. The first thing we need to understand is that not all potions are created equal and are once again made up of subcategories. Moreover, some synergise better with each respective oil so synergies should be sought out. Potions with little anticipated use have been omitted in this guide.

The first category is healing potions such as the [Spiritual Healing Potion] who don’t share a timer with the rest and should therefore be used in a pickle.

It gets trickier for mana restoring positions, who share cooldowns with offensive combat potions which we will come to later. It’s crucial to keep in mind that they are on a five-minute timer. Potions in the mana rejuvenating category are.

[Spiritual Mana Potion] - Restores 6000 mana instantly.

[Spirtual Rejuvenation Potion] - Restores 10000 health and 2500 mana.

[Potion of Spiritual Clarity] - Puts the imbiber in an elevated state of focus where they can restore up to 10000 mana over 10 sec, but they are defenceless until their focus is broken.

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We advise that other potions that share the same cooldown should be chosen in accordance with the oil you are looking to apply. For most DPS specs, it will likely come down to [Shadowcore Oil] which synergises with the following combat potions.

[Potion of Deathly Fixation] - Your damaging spells and abilities have a chance to apply Deathly Fixation to your target dealing 43 Shadow damage over eight seconds and stacks up to five times. Upon reaching five stacks, Deathly Fixation explodes, dealing 985 Shadow damage. If you consume this potion while your weapon is augmented with Shadowcore Oil, the explosion damage is increased by 10%. Lasts 25 seconds.

[Potions of Phantom Fire] - Your attacks and spells have a chance to send out fiery projection at your target dealing 3130 Shadowflame damage. If you consume this potion while your weapon is augmented with Shadowcore Oil, the additional damage is increased by 10%. Lasts 25 seconds.

[Potion of Empowered Exorcisms] - Your damaging spells and abilities have a chance to erupt your target’s anima, dealing up to 934 damage to all enemies within 10 yards of the target. If you consume this potion while your weapon is augmented with Shadowcore Oil, the additional damage and range is increased by 20%. Lasts 25 seconds.

The use cases of the above are heavily implied in their tooltips. If you’re looking for Area of Effect damage, you go with Empowered Exorcism, if you are looking for burst, you will choose Phantom Fire, and if you are looking at targets that stand for a while like bosses Deathly Fixation comes in handy.

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Beyond the aforementioned Oils which are useful for a lot of Damage specs, some classes like Rogues prefer stones in most situations due to their reliable stats sticky nature that currently beats Oils for them in simulations. We recommend simming your character yourself to find the best available potion. Realistically speaking, the difference is rather small, so either option is fine, and your pocket might dictate your decision for you. The available stones are:
Blunt Weapons

[Porous Weightstone] - Attack Power by 16 for one hour.

[Shaded Weightstone] - Attack Power by 20 for one hour.

Bladed weapons

[Shaded Sharpening Stone] - Attack Power by 20 for one hour.

[Porous Sharpening Stone] - Attack Power by 16 for one hour.

Shadowlands Raid Consumables -  Food & Feasts

Once again, Shadowlands delivers a full menu of dishes the advanced raider may use to up their numbers. As always, there is one expensive top tier version and a cheaper and less powerful knockoff brand. In the majority of cases and classes, the following foods will be the only ones you’ll ever need to care about.


[Pickled Meat Smoothie] - 14 Stamina for one hour.

[Banana Beef Pudding] - 22 Stamina for one hour.


[Sweet Silvergill Sausage] - 18 Versatility for one hour.

[Seak a la Mode] - 30 Versatility for one hour.


[Meaty Apple Dumplings] - 18 Master for one hour.

[Iridescent Ravioli with Apple Sauce] - 30 Master for one hour.


[Cinnamon Bonefish Stew] - 18 Haste for one hour.

[Tenebrous Crown Roast Aspic] - 30 Haste for one hour.

Critical Strike

[Butterscotch Marinated Ribs] - 18 Critical Strike for one hour.

[Spinefin Souffle and Fries] - 30 Critical Strike for one hour.

Feasts - Primary stat

Feasts are, of course, also back and once again provide a raid-wide solution to the food problem, often providing the best benefit for most classes.

[Feast of Gluttonous Hedonism] - 20 Primary Stat for one hour.

[Surprisingly Palatable Feast] - 18 Primary Stat for one hour.


This concludes our Shadowlands Raid Consumables Guide. Be safe out there in those dungeons and happy looting! If you’re looking for more World of Warcraft guides, stay tuned with our socials: Twitter | Facebook | Discord


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