All three expansions in the World of Warcraft: The Worldsoul Saga

All three expansions in the World of Warcraft: The Worldsoul Saga
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11th Nov 2023 17:43

In a rather surprising move, Blizzard has announced not just the next World of Warcraft expansion, but the next three expansions for one of the world’s biggest MMOs.

The crowd knew it was in store for big things when Chris Metzen walked on stage, the returning Executive Creative Director of World of Warcraft. Players weren’t disappointed, with Metzen hailing these next three expansions as “the culmination of the first 20 years of our storytelling”.

All three expansions will tell a story that’s set to be contained in one huge arc, titled ‘World of Warcraft: The Worldsoul Saga”. Here’s everything we know about these exciting expansions so far.

Which expansions are in The Worldsoul Saga?

There are three upcoming expansions that will all fall under The Worldsoul Saga, including:

  • The War Within
  • Midnight
  • The Last Titan

While we don’t know exactly what The Worldsoul Saga will explore, the cinematic reveal trailer shows that classic characters Thrall and Anduin have been having visions of something calling out to them from within Azeroth.

After an emotional tete-a-tete, the two turn towards the massive sword that was left in the ground in the events of the Legion expansion. Thrall announces grandiosely, “that sword was aimed at something,” indicating that there is something evil clearly at large and on its way to the lands of Azeroth.

Of those three expansions, we know the most about The War Within given it’s set to launch in late 2024. I asked Associate Game Director of World of Warcraft Morgan Day if there was a timeline in mind for when we might see the other two expansions launch, but he told me that there are currently no specific announcements in terms of timings.

However, Day did explain that community feedback is being taken on board when it comes to content pacing. As a result, it may be that we see a slightly quicker turnaround for expansions 11 and 12 compared to the two years we’ve seen in the past.

What do we know about The War Within?

WoW War Within Xal'atath
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Thankfully, Blizzard was able to discuss plenty of what we can expect to see in The War Within expansion for World of Warcraft.

The expansion will add four new regions to the game (Azj-Kahet, Isle of Dorn, The Ringing Deeps, and Hallowfall), most of which will see players exploring a new subterranean landscape hidden beneath the world’s surface. There, a new race dwells called the Earthen, which will be a playable Allied race when the expansion launches.

Additionally, The War Within will add a new world activity called Delves. These will serve as shorter experiences that you can take part in quickly, as opposed to some of the long-form content World of Warcraft is particularly known for.

The Warband system looks set to be a fantastic addition for players who have multiple characters, letting them finally collate their progression and rewards so each character can benefit. There’s also a new Hero Talents system for players to dive deep into, further customising their character class.

Of course, there will be all sorts of new Dungeons and Raids for players to sink their teeth into as well, as is usually the case for most World of Warcraft expansions.

There is currently no set launch date for The War Within, but it’s expected to arrive sometime in late 2024.

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