World of Warcraft Tier List: Best Alliance & Horde races (2023)

World of Warcraft Tier List: Best Alliance & Horde races (2023)
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6th Sep 2023 10:25

There are plenty of races to choose from in World of Warcraft, and we've got the best options that you can pick on the Alliance and the Horde side.

It can be overwhelming trying to choose a race, especially when trying to factor in what racial abilities are the best in the game. Thankfully we've got all of the top options you can pick in the MMORPG right here, so make sure to continue reading to see our selection.

Here is our tier list for the best races on both the Alliance and Horde in the game.

Best Horde Races in World of Warcraft

Fyrakk vs Vyranoth in World of Warcraft
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Tier Ranking Race
S Blood Elf
A Troll, Nightborne, Goblin
B Zandalari Troll, Vulpera, Pandaren
C Undead, Mag’har Orc, Dracthyr
D Orc, Tauren

The Blood Elf is one of the top races to choose from the Horde for a multitude of reasons, but mainly because they come with a free Interrupt. Arcane Torrent is one of the best abilities that you can use as a Blood Elf, and you should make sure that you utilise it when you need to. They also have a lot of classes to choose from compared to other races, giving them more opportunities than a Tauren, for example.

However, if you don’t fancy playing a Blood Elf, maybe you might like playing a Troll. A Troll also has great racial abilities, such as the ability to regenerate health when in combat. Not only that, but they also gain 10% more experience if they are fighting beasts. So, if you want to level up quickly, a Troll is the way to go. 

Best Alliance Races in World of Warcraft

Fyrakk and Vyranoth in World of Warcraft
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Tier Ranking Race
S Human
A Dark Iron Dwarves, Dwarf
B Night Elf, Draenei, Pandaren, Void Elf, Worgen
C Lightforged Draenei, Dracthyr, Mechagnome
D Kul Tiran

The Human is easily the best race in the Alliance. This is because they have reputation gains that are higher than any other race. So, if you want to get exalted with a reputation so you can reap the rewards, being a human is the best way to go as they get a 10% reputation buff. They’re also a great race to pick if you plan on going into PvP, due to their “Will to Survive” trait. This allows you to free yourself from stuns and snares, acting as a free PvP trinket. 

If you don’t fancy playing a Human, though, you could choose the Dark Iron Dwarves who are pretty close behind. They have some pretty neat traits, such as being able to teleport with their Mole Machine. Additionally, they get a bonus in Blacksmithing and have bonus movement speed when indoors. They’re a great second pick if being Human just isn’t for you.

That’s everything you need to know about the best races in World of Warcraft on the Alliance and Horde side. 

Check out our World of Warcraft homepage for more guides, but if you’re unsure what a DoT is, this guide explains it all for you.

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