Flightstones in WoW Dragonflight: How to get & all uses

Flightstones in WoW Dragonflight: How to get & all uses
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Amy Eastland


4th May 2023 16:48

The newest patch in WoW: Dragonflight has added a few new currencies for players to keep track of, and one of these currencies is Flightstones. This guide will tell you how to get Flightstones in WoW: Dragonflight and what they are used for. It can get overwhelming to micro-manage resources, so we are here to help.

What are Flightstones?

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Flightstones are a brand new currency that you can use to get season two PvE equipment for Dragonflight. For those that like doing content such as Mythic+ and Raiding, this will be of interest to you.

Luckily, getting your hands on this currency is relatively simple, so you don’t need to panic too much about trying to get some so you can get a high item level and start doing big DPS or healing in your group content.

How do you get Flightstones in WoW: Dragonflight?

Getting Flightstones in the game is very easy. You just have to complete any form of PvE content. This can be Mythic dungeons, Raids, quests, World Quests and more. The more challenging the content is, the more Flightstones you’ll get.

Not only will you get Flightstones the harder your content gets, but you’ll also get Shadowflame Crest Fragments, which is also used for upgrading your equipment. 

With the new season starting on May 9, 2023, now is the time to start hoarding as many Flightstones as you possibly can so that you can start gearing up for the new season and go in with a good item level. 

That’s everything you need to know about getting Flightstones in WoW: Dragonflight. For more information on WoW: Dragonflight, keep reading GGRecon.

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