How to open Crystal Encased Chest in WoW: Dragonflight

How to open Crystal Encased Chest in WoW: Dragonflight
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4th May 2023 13:46

Are you looking for how to open the Crystal Encased Chest in WoW: Dragonflight? In the newest zone of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, there are many hidden treasures and secrets for players to discover. Not all of them are easy to open, and many have many special requirements in order to crack them open. This guide will walk you through how to open the Crystal Encased Chest in WoW: Dragonflight.

How to open Crystal Encased Chest in WoW: Dragonflight

New zone in Zaralek Caverns
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This particular treasure chest can be found in the Virdian Throne area of Glimmerogg. The answer to this puzzle is relatively simple but can be one that can go under the radar by players if they aren’t paying close attention. Whilst you are exploring the Viridian Throne, you’ll find two Stone Hands with a rock between them. For those who use coordinates, this is located at 36.43, 74.26.

Now that you’ve located the Crystal Encased chest, the next thing you need to find is two Attunement Crystals. One is purple and one is yellow. In order to get them, you will need to use your Dragonriding mount. You will be able to find them on top of the pillars. They are pretty small, so you’ll need to keep a careful eye out.

The Purple Crystal can be found at 37.71, 68.87. For the Yellow Crystal, you can find it at 39.41, 73.32. Fly back to the chest and you will have to activate the crystals in order for it to work. There will be a small animation before you can open the chest, but then you can open it and get your rewards!

The full list of rewards is unknown at the moment, but you have the opportunity to get Dragon Isle Supplies and some Shadowflame Crests at the very least for you to use in the game

That’s everything you ended to know about opening the Crystal Encased Chest in WoW: Dragonflight. Want to know whether you can play WoW on your Steam Deck? This guide explains everything.

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