Elden Ring White Mask: The Best Helmet For Bleed Builds

Elden Ring White Mask: The Best Helmet For Bleed Builds
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11th Apr 2022 12:38

The Elden Ring White Mask is one of the most coveted items in the game. Elden Ring gives players a lot of ways to build their characters; one of the most powerful ways to do so is to spec into bleed damage. A bleed build can cause huge amounts of damage to bosses with big health pools, and wearing the White Mask is an ideal way to capitalise on that. To learn why and how to get your hands on it, here is our guide to the Elden Ring White Mask.

  • You will want a good bleed weapon to go with the White Mask, and there are few, if any, better than the Rivers of Blood katana. To learn how to get it, check out how to find the Elden Ring Rivers of Blood in our guide

Elden Ring White Mask: What It Does

Elden Ring White Mask: What It Does
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There is a good reason why people making bleed builds in Elden Ring recommend the White Mask so much. While wearing the mask, your character does more damage when the bleed effect happens nearby. Bleed builds generally require a fast, dexterous weapon to maximise the effect. These things combined make your character do extra damage.

So while you are attacking with your katana, or your whip, or whichever bleed weapon you choose to use, you are causing the bleed effect. When it activates, you instantly start doing even more damage with your weapon, creating a rolling snowball of damage, that increases continuously, ruining any boss foolish enough to be full of blood.

  • If you ever heard someone shout, "blood for the blood god!" and thought, I'd like that to be me, then look no further. Check out our Elden Ring Bandit build.

Elden Ring White Mask: How To Get It

Elden Ring White Mask: how to get it - Rose Church location
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Getting the Elden Ring White Mask for yourself involves going most of the way through a character's side quest. It isn't the kind of quest some role-playing players will want to engage in, as it involves going down a dark path, but you do not need to complete the quest and fully commit. This quest involves Varre, the mask-wearing creep you meet just as you enter Limgrave at the start of the game. Yes, you have to work with the guy who made fun of you for being maidenless. I promise it is worth it.

Varre will stay at the First Step until the player defeats any of the demi-gods, such as Godrick the Grafted. Return to his location after defeating one of the main bosses and you will find a message he left behind. It says he can now be found at Rose Church in Liurnia. The church is found in the south-west of the region, south of Raya Lucaria and west of the Academy Gate Town.

Speak with Varré at the door of Rose Church and he will give you several Festering Bloody Fingers. These items can be used to invade other players. To continue the quest, invade three players. Regardless of your success in the fights, completing three invasions is enough to progress. Return to Varré and he will give you the Lord of Blood's Favor. You need to stain this fabric with the blood of a maiden, but luckily you do not need to kill anyone.


  • Part of this quest involves going to the Church of Inhibition, and getting there is no mean feat. For more tips on how to get there, check out how to find the Elden Ring Church of Inhibition.

Elden Ring White Mask: How To Get It - Fighting the White Masks
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There are two dead maidens you can procure some blood from. Either you can use the Four Belfries to return to the starting area - the Church of Anticipation - wherein you can get the blood you need from a dead maiden. Alternatively, you can head to the Church of Inhibition, which is in the north-east of Liurnia. This is tricky to get to as you have to pass through the Frenzied Flame Village and you will be invaded when you get to the church, but deal with all that using the guide above and you will find the maiden you need inside the church.

Return to Varre with the bloody cloth and he will do two things. First, he will give you a permanent, reusable version of the Festering Bloody Finger. Speak to him further and he will give you the Pureblood Knight's Medal. This is the key item we need to get the White Mask, so for all intents and purposes, we are done with Varre now. The Pureblood Knight's Medal can be activated in your inventory to bring you to Mohgwyn's Palace. When you appear in the region, it is recommended you head up the stairs and find the Dynasty Mausoleum Entrance site of grace, as dying before then will send you back to the surface.

From this site of grace, go back down the stairs, go south past the enemies summoning giant skeletons and then west toward the blood-filled lake. On your way there, you will be invaded by three Nameless White Mask NPCs. You will have to take them on one at a time, but defeating the third Nameless White Mask rewards you with the War Surgeon armour set, which includes the White Mask. It is important to defeat these Nameless White Masks before you do anything else in this region, as they do not appear after you kill the boss of the area, Mohg, Lord of Blood.

That is everything you need to do to get yourself the Elden Ring White Mask. For more Elden Ring guides why not check out our series of builds:


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