EA FC 24 PlayStyles explained: All PlayStyles & what do they do

EA FC 24 PlayStyles explained: All PlayStyles & what do they do
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Harry Boulton


20th Sep 2023 11:53


We've got a full list of the PlayStyles in EA FC 24, letting you know what each one does and how they enhance all of the top players in the game.

While stats are as important as ever in EA FC, cards with PlayStyles have that extra edge needed to squeeze out more wins, with intangible boosts that make them feel closer to their real-life counterparts.

There's nothing worse in the game than the highest-rated players not feeling good enough, but with PlayStyles, this should hopefully happen a lot less.

So, continue reading to find out everything you need to know about PlayStyles in EA FC 24, including a full list so you can stay in the know.

What are PlayStyles in EA FC 24?

Image of Kyle Walker's PlayStyles in EA FC 24
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PlayStyles are a new boost-like system in EA FC 24 that enhances certain player attributes and skills, giving new or improved mechanics to those who wield them.

For example, a player with the Dead Ball PlayStyle will see an enhanced trajectory line when taking a free kick, allowing them to more accurately place their shot and increase the chances of it going in.

All PlayStyles in the game also have a standard variant and a plus variant, with the plus obviously giving enhanced boosts to the already specialised skillsets.

EA FC 24 PlayStyles+ explained

Image of Mohamed Salah's PlayStyles Plus in EA FC 24
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In tandem with the standard PlayStyles in EA FC 24, PlayStyles+ are an enhanced form - giving extra boosts and sometimes even new features. They are only given to the very best players, intensifying their overall skill and making them stand out more.

For example, the standard 'Chip Shot' PlayStyle will give the player the ability to perform faster and more accurate chipped shots, whereas the enhanced plus version will make the same shots even faster and more precise.

Alternatively, PlayStyles like the Trickster gain new features with their plus variant, with the enhanced Trickster making the player significantly more agile when strafe dribbling.

Every single PlayStyle in the game has a PlayStyles+ variant, and they are typically stylised as gold instead of the standard white, so keep your eyes peeled.

How to get PlayStyles in EA FC 24

Image showing the 'Relentless' PlayStyle reward from the Relentless Winger Evolution in EA FC 24
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PlayStyles in EA FC 24 can be earned in certain game modes by completing objectives, but they are typically only given by EA in Ultimate Team to the top players in the game.

This is due to the fact that PlayStyles are specifically determined in collaboration with Opta to truly carve out an identity for the best players in the game. Only the best dead-ball specialists will get that corresponding PlayStyle, for example, and the same applies to every other option from speed dribblers to power headers.

EA has mentioned that certain PlayStyles will be given to players in Team of the Week or promo items when related to their specific performance, with the specific example being if Haaland scored a header he would potentially be able to earn the Power Header PlayStyle exclusively for his TOTW card.

It is unclear at this point in time whether you will be able to earn various PlayStyles within the FUT Evolutions system, but that would certainly be another reason to stick with your favourites and create some club legends.

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All PlayStyles in EA Sports FC

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We've got all of the PlayStyles in EA FC 24 listed below for you to check out, broken up into all of the different categories:

Scoring PlayStyles

PlayStyle Effect
Power Shot Performs Power Shots with increased speed.
Dead Ball Deliver free kicks with increased speed, curve, and accuracy. The trajectory line in free kicks is also clearer and longer.
Chip Shot Performs chipped shots with increased accuracy and speed.
Finesse Shot Performs finesse shots with increased accuracy, speed, and curve.
Power Header Performs headers with increased accuracy and power.

Passing PlayStyles

PlayStyle Effect
Pinged Pass Increased accuracy for Through Passes, increased curve for Swerve Passes, increased speed for Precision Passes.
Incisive Pass Increased speed of passes without affecting the trapping difficulty of the reciever.
Long Ball Pass Increased accuracy and speed for Lobbed and Lofted Through Passes.
Tiki Taka Gain the ability to execute difficult first-time Ground Passes with high accuracy, with backheels used when appropriate. Short Ground Passes are incredibly accurate.
Whipped Pass Increased accuracy, speed, and curve of crosses.

Ball Control PlayStyles

PlayStyle Effect
First Touch Reduced error when trapping the ball and faster transition to dribbling from the first touch.
Flair Increased accuracy on flair passes and shots.
Press Proven Increased control of the ball when dribbling at a jog, and more effective when shielding the ball.
Rapid Increased speed when sprinting with he ball, reduced chance of error when sprinting or knocking the ball on.
Technical Increased speed when using Controlled Sprint, performs wide turns while dribbling with more precision.
Trickster Gain the ability to perform unique flick skill moves.

Defending PlayStyles

PlayStyle Effect
Block Increased reach and success chance when making a block.
Bruiser Increased strength when performing physical tackles.
Intercept Increased reach and success rate when performing interceptions.
Jockey Increased max speed of Sprint Jockey and improved the transition speed between jockeying and sprinting.
Slide Tackle Gain the ability to stop the ball at the player's feet when slide tackling.
Anticipate Improved standing tackle success and gain the ability to stop the ball at the player's feet when stand tackling.

Physical PlayStyles

PlayStyle Effect
Acrobatic Increased accuracy when performing a volley, and access to additional acrobatic volley animations.
Aerial Increased jump height and improved aerial physical presence.
Trivela Contextually triggers the outside of the foot pass and shot.
Relentless Reduced fatigue loss during player and increased fatigue recovery at half time.
Quick Step Accelerates faster during AcceleRATE 2.0 Explosive sprint.
Long Throw Increased power when performing a throw-in.

Goalkeeper PlayStyles

PlayStyle Effect
Far Throw Increased reach and handling towards the end of the match.
Footwork Increased reactions and speed in one-on-one situations.
Cross Claimer Increased reflexes and reactions during opposition set pieces.
Rush Out Increased speed when running.
Far Reach Increased effectiveness when saving shots from outside of the box.
Quick Reflexes Increased reflexes and reactions when saving shots from inside the box.

There will be 34 playstyles in EA FC 24 in total, and each of them will have a standard and an enhanced version, giving some of the top players in the game an extra boost to help them feel more like their real-life selves.

So, that wraps up everything you need to know about PlayStyles in EA FC 24, giving you a list of every single one we know of so far, and how to get them for your players in-game.

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