EA FC 24 Career Mode: Every new feature in Player & Manager Career

EA FC 24 Career Mode: Every new feature in Player & Manager Career
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31st Jul 2023 16:59


A wide selection of new features have been announced for Manager and Player Career Mode in EA Sports FC 24, giving you lots to look forward from the Ballon d'Or to new camera angles and plenty more.

Career mode has always been a fundamental part of FIFA, giving players the power to carve their own destiny either in the dugout or on the pitch itself. It is great to see that it hasn't been forgotten in EA Sports FC 24 either, with new mechanics and tools that should hopefully satisfy any dedicated players.

So, make sure to continue reading below to see all of the new features in EASFC 24 Career Mode, as there is plenty to look forward to in the upcoming game.

What’s new in EAFC 24’s Manager Career Mode? 

Manager Career Mode is the more popular of the two Career Modes EAFC 24 has to offer. Players can either create their own manager or take control of a pre-existing one. Here are all of the new features that are arriving in Manager Career Mode in EA Sports FC 24:

  • New tactical visions
  • Introduction of coaches
  • Return and enhancement of training drills
  • Introduction of Dynamic Moments
  • New Manager camera angles

Some managers are already in the game, alongside their likeness. It is completely up to you what direction you decide to take your career in, as well as what team you wish to manage.

One of the major new additions in EAFC 24’s Manager Career Mode is the introduction of tactical visions. There are 7 of these in total, offering a tactical preset for players to choose from, in order to see out their philosophy. We haven’t seen all of these yet but the ones we have seen are:

  • Tika-Taka
  • Gegenpress
  • Counterattack
  • Park the Bus

EAFC 24 will also introduce coaches for the first time. Every football team has managers and coaches and now we are seeing them finally implemented in the game. You will be able to hire coaches for each section of the pitch including Goalkeeper, Defence, Midfield and Attack.

The coaches in question will have a rating out of 5, and it will be up to you to assign the right ones to each area in the hope of boosting the quality of your team. 

There will also be a much greater emphasis on match preparation this time around too, so training drills are returning but you can also prepare for the next game by looking at training plans and gaining an insight into how your opposition plays too. One of the biggest, and likely most appreciated changes coming, is being able to ensure players are match fit before each match.

The last major addition is Dynamic Moments and a new way to spectate matches. For the first time, you can watch the games play out using multiple camera angles whilst making tweaks as the game demands.

While the Dynamic Moments will bring huge changes to the end of seasons celebrations, showing the squad celebrating their trophy hauls on open-top buses and parades with fans.

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What’s new in EAFC 24’s Player Career Mode? 

Image of the Ballon d'Or in EA Sports FC 24
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The Player Career Mode in EAFC 24 also has some new features too, including the aforementioned Dynamic Moments. Here is a list of everything new that is coming to Player Career Mode in EA Sports FC:

  • Earn the Ballon d'Or
  • New Player Agent feature
  • PlayStyles and improved Player Personalities
  • New player camera

In Manager Mode, you will see your players celebrating their success on an open-top bus, whereas here the elusive Ballon d’Or is on offer for you to win. So, if you do find success and hit the highest level, you can watch your player get their hands on the big ol’ golden ball for themselves.

Outside of this, EAFC 24 has also introduced your player's own agent for the first time. Your agent will be responsible for directing your career, allowing you to carve out your path for yourself. Playstyles will also play a big part in Player Career Mode, helping your player feel unique and individual as you progress with them during their career.

The playstyles will work in tandem with player personalities that were introduced in last year's iteration of the game. It will be interesting to see how much of a difference these playstyles will have on how the game feels, but we will have to wait until release to know.

For everything else EAFC 24, we will have to wait for the game to release later this year. Until then, be sure to take a look at our homepage to learn everything else we know about EA Sports’ popular football game.

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