How to do a Precision Pass in EA FC 24

How to do a Precision Pass in EA FC 24
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18th Jul 2023 16:00

Precision Pass is an entirely new mechanic in EA Sports FC 24, giving players a level of control in their passing that has never before been possible, so make sure you know how to use it.

In a game like football where one goal could be the decider, having the ability to actually pull off that killer pass is key and looks to be one of the most important tools in your EA Sports FC locker.

Thankfully, we've got everything you need to know about the new Precision Pass mechanic in EA Sports FC 24, so make sure to read one below to find out how to use it and when it is best deployed in the game.

EASFC 24 Precision Pass controls

If you're looking to pull off a Precision Pass in EA Sports FC 24, here are all of the controls that you'll need:

Pass Type


Precision Pass

R1 + Through Ball (Triangle/Y)

Precision Lob

R1 + Lob Pass (Square/X)

Swerved Precision Pass

L2 + R1 + Through Ball (Triangle/Y)

As you can see, these passes aren't too tricky to pull off and can result in plays that truly match what you see in your mind when executed correctly.

Furthermore, there is also a handy indicator line to show you the path and destination of your Precision Passes, ensuring that they always go to the right place. This is true for all three forms and is an invaluable tool to thread the needle through a tough defence.

EA Sports FC 24 Precision Pass tips

While you won't always want to opt for the Precision Pass as they can be slightly slower than your standard options, they are excellent to use over longer distances and if you want to accurately direct a run.

The standard Precision Pass is great if you spot a flat angle where a forward can run directly onto the path of a ball. This is great from the byline or through the middle and is perfect when used in conjunction with fast, line-breaking strikers.

For the Precision Lob, you'll want to use this when performing cross-field passes to switch up the play, or if you want a bit of extra precision when crossing into the box. Heading in past FIFA games has been very poor and part of that is down to the inaccuracy when crossing, but you can take things into your own hands far more here.

Finally, the Swerved Precision Pass is definitely going to be a favourite of the community, as it allows you to curve a ground-through ball around a defensive line to perfectly meet the feet of an on-running attacker.

This particular pass is especially strong when executed from the half spaces or the sideline into the middle, as it is excellently weighted and can easily bypass any defenders that would have otherwise blocked a flat and straight alternative.

The Controlled Sprint is another new mechanic in EA Sports FC, so make sure to read our guide to see all of the controls.

So, that's everything you need to know about the new Precision Pass mechanic in EA Sports FC 24, and now you'll be able to pull off the move and hopefully score more goals.

Make sure to check out our EA Sports FC homepage for more news and guides on the upcoming game.

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