EA FC 24 AcceleRATE 2.0 explained: Lengthy, Controlled, Explosive

EA FC 24 AcceleRATE 2.0 explained: Lengthy, Controlled, Explosive
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Harry Boulton


18th Jul 2023 17:29

AcceleRATE 2.0 is here in EA Sports FC 24, and with it comes four new types to accompany the Lengthy, Controlled, and Explosive styles that we are so familiar with now.

While perhaps not as strong and prevalent as at the start of the game, AcceleRATE styles are still a big thing to consider when choosing your players in EA Sports FC, and the four new options should hopefully give a bit more specificity for the players on the boundaries of each style in the game.

So, make sure to continue reading to see everything we know so far about AcceleRATE 2.0 in EA Sports FC 24, including all of the four new types that have been added.

All AcceleRATE 2.0 styles in EA Sports FC 24

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Here are the seven AcceleRATE 2.0 styles that each player will be assigned to in EA Sports FC 24:

  • Explosive
  • Mostly Explosive
  • Controlled Explosive
  • Controlled
  • Controlled Lengthy
  • Mostly Lengthy
  • Lengthy

As you can see, this is quite a significant expansion on the original AcceleRATE system which featured only three types. While the four new styles are only in theory alterations on the three base versions, they will hopefully enhance the difference between each player.

What do AcceleRATE 2.0 styles do in EASFC 24?

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AcceleRATE 2.0 styles in EA Sports FC 24 affect how each player runs in-game, with certain styles giving you a speed boost to begin with whereas others have you winning out over longer distances.

Each style is given to a player based on their build and real-life running style, and should hopefully make them feel closer to their real-world counterpart.

As each of the four new AcceleRATE 2.0 styles are relative to the three base ones from last year, it is easy to understand what they do from the table below:

AcceleRATE 2.0 style Explanation
Explosive Starts out fast then levels out over time
Controlled Consistent speed throughout the entire sprint
Lengthy Slower start but catches up over longer distances

As you can see, each of the three base AcceleRATE styles have their own benefits, and with the four new options you will be able to have the best of both worlds will benefits seated in between the core options.

For example, Controlled Explosive will have a slight boost over its more consistent half, and won't suffer as much of a drop off as their speedier friends. This might create new meta players who feature these combinations, but we will just have to wait and see when the game comes out.

So, that wraps up everything you need to know about the AcceleRATE 2.0 system in EA Sports FC 24, with four new styles and seven options overall to determine how each player runs in the game.

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