What is the best starter nation in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team?

What is the best starter nation in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team?
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Harry Boulton


18th Sep 2023 15:27

The question on everyone's lips when they load up the web app or EA FC 24 for the first time is the best starter nation in Ultimate Team, as it can be tricky to know if you're making the right choice for your squad.

While you will quickly outgrow this initial burst of players, they can lay the foundations for your success in EA FC, so getting the right choice is imperative if you're looking to save time and Coins alike. Don't make the mistake of expecting the best players in the game to pop up either, as your squad will largely be made up of bronze and silver cards to start with - but it's all about the grind to the top, and that begins with the best starter nation.

So, make sure to continue reading to find out what our pick for the best Ultimate Team starter nation is in EA FC 24, as you'll want to ensure that you're making the right choice.

EA FC 24 best starter nation in Ultimate Team

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Our choice for the best starter nation in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team is Brazil - for a number of different reasons. 

Brazil is not only a nation of fantastic footballers, but they are also spread across many of the top five leagues - giving you many linking opportunities for your squad.

Furthermore, they will be incredibly handy to have in your squad for approaching the tricky Advanced SBCs in the early game, as there are a limited number of players that work here and Brazilians tend to fit in well - saving you a lot of money.

If joga bonito isn't quite your thing though, we recommend picking either France or England. France is largely for the same reasons as Brazil - albeit with better overall linking opportunities and less SBC viability. For England though, this is only if you want to branch into the Premier League for your squad, as that will set you up nicely with some early-game chemistry.

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What does picking a starter nation do in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team?

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Picking a starter nation in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team will give you a large pack with players from your chosen nation and a number of other random cards to fill out your squad. It is meant as a foundation for your Ultimate Team, and enough to get you through a few early Squad Battles games as you buy more cards from the Transfer Market.

The cards included here will not be the best, and they will largely be a mix between Bronze and Silver rarities. You might get lucky with a meta Gold card though, which is why we've recommended the starter nations that we have above.

That will have you set with the right starter nation choice in EA FC 24 though, putting you on the right track to build your dream squad in Ultimate Team - or even just make some SBCs a little easier.

Make sure to also check out the latest news and guides on our EA FC homepage, as we've got all of the tips you'll need like how to use the new Controlled Sprint mechanic.

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