EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Evolutions explained: Paid & free, requirements & more

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Evolutions explained: Paid & free, requirements & more
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Harry Boulton


20th Sep 2023 12:29


Evolutions are a completely new feature in EA FC 24's Ultimate Team, letting you grow your favourite players within certain requirements through paid and free paths.

This has been the dream for so many players in EA FC, embodying the true 'spirit' of Ultimate Team where your favourite players can truly follow you through the entire journey among the highest-rated players. It can be a little complicated in the game though, with multiple different paths to follow and requirements to meet.

Thankfully we've got the whole process explained for you below, so make sure to continue reading to find out more about the new EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Evolutions mechanic.

What are Ultimate Team Evolutions in EA FC 24?

Image of the Golden Glow Up Part II Evolutions in EA FC 24
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Ultimate Team Evolutions in FC 24 is a new feature that allows you to permanently upgrade existing cards in your club, giving them stat boosts and other new features like additional PlayStyles.

This is an entirely new feature to FUT and is one that fans have been asking for basically ever since the mode was first introduced. There are few worse feelings than having to abandon a player that you've loved using just because there are other stronger options, and hopefully, this new feature means that you won't have to do that anymore.

In theory, you will be able to have cards that are completely unique, with stats and other boosts that no other player has, which truly embodies the spirit of your very own Ultimate Team.

How do Ultimate Team Evolutions work in FC 24?

Image of the Welcome to Evolutions path in EA FC 24
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To start the Ultimate Team Evolutions process in EA FC 24, you will need to put a player in your club into an 'evolution path', and then complete various challenges with that player in order to upgrade their stats.

From what we have seen, it potentially looks as if you won't be able to upgrade any player in your club at any point in time, and instead, you will have to follow various groups outlined by EA. For example, there might be a Silver Bundesliga Star evolution path where you can upgrade any silver from Germany's top division into a high-rated gold, or the option to boost any of your current TOTW players.

You will only have a certain amount of time to both start and finish the evolution process, and it also looks as if you will have to pay a small coin fee in order to unlock the evolution in the first place.

Evolution challenges look to be - at least at the start - rather simple, with objectives like scoring goals and picking up assists likely a big part of the process. It would be great to see more long-form challenges that really emphasise each player being a club legend, allowing you to take them to the next level if you're really committed.

It also appears as if the upgrade cap will be progressively raised as the seasons go on in FC 24, so you might only be able to get your player to an 85 rating in Season 2, but you will be able to progress them further once you reach Season 3 and beyond.

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This is a fantastic way to keep a player in your club for what could hypothetically be the length of the entire game, allowing you to truly build your Ultimate Team without needing your favourite players to get promo or performance-related cards.

You will also be able to completely change the position of a player when using Ultimate Team Evolutions in FC 24. For example, if you've already got two top centre-backs and don't want to waste Van Dijk, why not turn him into a box-to-box centre-mid and dominate the middle of the park with upgrades to suit this too?

EA FC 24 Evolutions upgrade types

Image of the Evolutions cards in EA FC 24
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There are three types of upgrades that each Evolutions player will be able to receive, so check out the table below to find out more:

Upgrade Type Evolution Explained
Gameplay Upgrades to in-game stats, both flat upgrades and targeted stat upgrades like Stamina
Utility Adds alternate positions, adjusts work rates, and more
Cosmetic Upgrade the visual look of your player

As you can see, the upgrades differ quite significantly across the three upgrade types, so you will definitely want to consider all of your options when upgrading your cards.

There will be different types of boosts for each level that you progress your Evolutions player, with certain stat boosts paired alongside things like skill move upgrades, new PlayStyles, and more.

EA FC 24 paid & free Evolutions explained

Image of the Relentless Winger paid Evolutions path in EA FC 24
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Alongside the standard free Evolutions paths in EA FC 24, there will also be a few each season that players can pay to enter their players into. They will cost either 50,000 coins or 1,000 FP each, and offer better boosts and more flexible requirements.

At the moment, the only paid Evolution in Ultimate Team is the 'Relentless Winger' path, which gives an extra upgrade level to your evolution with bigger boosts alongside things like skill moves and extra PlayStyles. This paid Evolution is also available for a shorter period of time, so we could see multiple arrive across the course of each season.

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Evolutions requirements explained

EA FC 24 Evolutions player requirements
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Each Evolution in EA FC will have certain requirements that the player you submit must not exceed. For example, one for a winger would be that the card cannot have more than 81 pace and 79 physical, so you cannot submit a card that has even one more stat than that.

Selecting the Evolution that you want to enter will show you the cards that are eligible for it, but you might want to pay close attention to the requirements to get a card that is as close to the maximum stats as possible for the best boosts.

Can you redo Evolutions more than once in EA FC 24?

Image of the Founders Evolution in EA FC 24
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Unfortunately, Evolutions in EA FC 24 are one-time use, so you cannot submit another player for the same Evolutions path if you have used it already.

This is quite disappointing as there are always multiple top players that you'll want to choose for each Evolution - but it means that you'll have to think carefully and make sure that you're picking the best players for all Evolutions before starting them.

So, that's everything we currently know about the Ultimate Team Evolutions system in EA FC 24, but we are certainly excited to see how it plays out once we can get our hands on it in-game.

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