How Evolutions work in EA FC 24

How Evolutions work in EA FC 24
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17th Oct 2023 16:00


Evolutions are a completely new feature in EA FC 24's Ultimate Team, letting you grow your favorite players within certain requirements through paid and free paths.

This has been the dream for so many players in EA FC, embodying the true 'spirit' of Ultimate Team where your favorite players can truly follow you through the entire journey among the highest-rated players. It can be a little complicated in the game though, with multiple different paths to follow and requirements to meet.

Thankfully we've got the whole process explained for you below, so make sure to continue reading to find out more about the new EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Evolutions mechanic.

What are Evolutions?

Ultimate Team Evolutions in FC 24 is a new feature that allows you to permanently upgrade existing cards in your club, giving them stat boosts and other new features like additional PlayStyles.

Image of the Golden Glow Up Part 2 Evolution in EA FC 24
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This is an entirely new feature to FUT and is one that fans have been asking for basically ever since the mode was first introduced. There are few worse feelings than having to abandon a player that you've loved using just because there are other stronger options, and hopefully, this new feature means that you won't have to do that anymore.

In theory, you will be able to have cards that are completely unique, with stats and other boosts that no other player has, which truly embodies the spirit of your very own Ultimate Team.

How Evolutions work

Evolutions in EA FC 24 are new upgrade paths that you can take a chosen player in your club on, so long as they fit the requirements set out by EA.

There are multiple different Evolutions available in each season, encompassing a wide variety of different ratings and positions to allow you to truly build your Ultimate Team.

Each Evolution has maximum requirements that must be met for a player to be included, and these typically include things like the player's position, rating, and certain stats.

To start an Evolution, all you need to do is head to the Evolutions tab within the Club section and select the one that you want to start. Most of them are free to enter, but there are some that will cost either FC Points or coins.

When selecting the Evolution, it will show you all of the eligible players in your club right now, but you will be able to also tell from the requirements listed on the right-hand side.

Once you've picked your player, it will lock them into that Evolution and the journey will commence. There are unusually two upgrade levels to each free Evolution and three for each paid one.

You will need to complete challenges like scoring goals, winning matches, and other situational instances to progress through each level. Once you've completed a level, you will gain a small stat boost and sometimes new features like increased weak foot and new PlayStyles.

Frustratingly, you can only have one Evolution's challenges active at any one time, so you won't be able to stack them in your squad and upgrade multiple simultaneously.

EA has also mentioned that players could have the potential to change positions with Evolutions in the future, with the example being given that Virgil van Dijk could switch from a dominant centre-back to an all-round box-to-box midfielder.

I love using Evolutions as it truly feels like you're building your ideal squad and I've been able to create teams that would have otherwise been impossible. As a big Liverpool fan, I love boosting players from the club who might not otherwise get a special card, as it truly connects to me.

All Evolutions requirements & upgrades in Ultimate Team

Here are all of the requirements and upgrades for every current Evolution in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team right now:

Pacey Winger

Image of the Pacey Winger Evolution in EA FC 24
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  • 1,000 FP / 50,000 coins


  • Overall: Max 81
  • Position: RW
  • Pace: Max 85
  • Physical: Max 75
  • Dribbling: Max 85
  • Passing: 80
  • PlayStyles: Max 8


  • PlayStyles: Quick Step, Rapid
  • Overall: +4
  • Pace: +8
  • Physical: +4
  • Shooting: +3
  • Dribbling: +4

Expiry date:

  • October 25, 2023

Bruiser Wingback

Image of the Bruiser Wingback Evolution in EA FC 24
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  • Free


  • Overall: Max 74
  • Position: RB
  • Positions: Not CB
  • Pace: Max 85
  • Physical: Max 75


  • PlayStyles: Bruiser
  • Overall: +9
  • Pace: +3
  • Passing: +5
  • Physical: +10
  • Dribbling: +5
  • Defending: +10
  • Defensive Work Rate: High

Expiry date:

  • October 25, 2023

Founders Evolution

Image of the Founders Evolutions in EA FC 24
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  • Free


  • Rarity: Rare
  • Overall: Max 83, Min 75
  • Position: ST
  • Pace: Max 91
  • Physical: Max 85
  • Dribbling: Max 83


  • Weak Foot: +1
  • Overall: +2
  • Pace: +3
  • Physical: +3
  • Shooting: +3
  • Dribbling: +3

Expiry date:

  • December 15, 2023

Welcome to Evolutions

Image of the Welcome to Evolutions Evolution in EA FC 24
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  • Free


  • Rating: Max 80
  • Pace: Max 90
  • Defending: Max 80


  • Overall: +1
  • Pace: +1
  • Passing: +1
  • Physical: +1
  • Dribbling: +1

Expiry date:

  • November 2, 2023

EA FC 24 Evolutions upgrade types

Image of the Evolutions cards in EA FC 24
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There are three types of upgrades that each Evolutions player will be able to receive, so check out the table below to find out more:

Upgrade Type Evolution Explained
Gameplay Upgrades to in-game stats, both flat upgrades and targeted stat upgrades like Stamina
Utility Adds alternate positions, adjusts work rates, and more
Cosmetic Upgrade the visual look of your player

As you can see, the upgrades differ quite significantly across the three upgrade types, so you will definitely want to consider all of your options when upgrading your cards.

There will be different types of boosts for each level that you progress your Evolutions player, with certain stat boosts paired alongside things like skill move upgrades, new PlayStyles, and more.

Can you redo Evolutions more than once in EA FC 24?

Image of the Relentless Winger Evolution in EA FC 24
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Unfortunately, Evolutions in EA FC 24 are one-time use, so you cannot submit another player for the same Evolutions path if you have used it already.

This is quite disappointing as there are always multiple top players that you'll want to choose for each Evolution - but it means that you'll have to think carefully and make sure that you're picking the best players for all Evolutions before starting them.

So, that's everything we currently know about the Ultimate Team Evolutions system in EA FC 24, but we are certainly excited to see how it plays out once we can get our hands on it in-game.

Looking for more details ahead of the September release? Check out our EA Sports FC homepage for all of the latest news and guides. We've also got all of the cheapest SBC solutions for Hybrid Nations in EA FC 24 too.

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