Dying Light 2 Enemy Types: All Dying Light 2 Zombie And Human Enemies

Dying Light 2 Enemy Types: All Dying Light 2 Zombie And Human Enemies
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4th Feb 2022 16:45

Dying Light 2 enemy types are plentiful in this open world apocalypse, so you are best to know what you are up against. Dying Light 2 expands upon its predecessor with more zombie types and more human enemy variants, each bringing their own tactics to bring you down. But exactly how many enemy types are there in Dying Light 2? And how do they differ? We've got a breakdown of all Dying Light 2 enemy types, and some counter abilities for you to take them on. 

Dying Light 2 Enemy Types: Zombies And Humans

The Dying Light 2 enemy types are split into those of zombies and humans. Human enemies can come in the form of Survivors, Peacekeepers and/or Renegades, and each typically has its own sub-type of attacker. The zombies can be vastly different in abilities and attack style, and as far as we've got in the game, split into 10 variants. Let's get into them. 

Dying Light 2 Enemy Types: Humans

Dying Light 2 enemy types: Humans
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For a zombie game, the Dying Light 2 enemy types that will likely be causing you the most amount of hassle are the humans. Across its choice-weaving campaign, you will come up against the aforementioned factions, with additional attack types. These can be tough together, but individually, they are usually pretty easy to deal with. The human enemy types in Dying Light 2 are as follows: 

  • Grunts
  • Tanks
  • Archers
  • Spears 
  • Alarm
  • Fire spitters 

Usually dealing with the alarms, archers and firespitters are your best options, as they can bring more enemies in, stagger you for attacks from afar, and deal high amounts of damage when staggering with fire. However, the rest are relatively simple with a mixture of parries and dodges, but be sure to keep an eye out for power attacks that you cannot block. 

Dying Light 2 Enemy Types: Uncommon Zombies

Dying Light 2 enemy types: Howlers
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The Dying Light 2 zombie types are split into three tiers, with the first being uncommon. These are the ones you are going to come across the most, especially if you are out in the streets at night. 

  • Virals
  • Howlers
  • Spitters
  • Biters

The Virals are your typical night running zombies in Dying Light 2. They are a little easier to deal with, but they can be fast and tend to come in packs. Moving one step up we have the Biters, which are the sleeping zombie type typically found indoors. You can move past these zombies unnoticed if you are slow and crouch, however, awakening them in a tight space can be a deadly mistake. 

Spitters, can be a bit more of a nuisance and are the archers of the zombies, if you are planning to stick around to fight, you should probably focus on these  However, out of the uncommon tier, Howlers take precedence, as they have the ability to activate a chase - which you definitely don't want to stick around for. Avoid them entirely or take them out before engaging. Be warned that where there is one, there is always another nearby. 

  • This rating system is based off the Dying Light 2 infected trophies, so check out that guide to stack up on one of the most valuable resources in the game. 

Dying Light 2 Enemy Types: Rare Zombies

Dying Light 2 Enemy Types: Banshees
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The next step up in the Dying Light 2 enemy types ratings are the rare zombies. These are split up as the following: 

  • Goons
  • Bolters 
  • Banshees
  • Chargers

Goons are your first zombie type to deal out massive amounts of damage. These heaving zombies will tend to attack with a sledgehammer-like weapon, but they are also slow. Bolters are one of the fastest of the bunch and will almost immediately run away if they spot you. However, they also hold some valuable materials, so they are definitely worth chasing after.

Banshees can be one of the more annoying enemy types as they jump on top of other zombies to launch ranged and powerful attacks. You will have to keep an eye on them in order to effectively dodge them and attack.

The Chargers are among the toughest of this bunch, as they deal out high amounts of damage, but overall are easily dodged and predictable. Line yourself up with a wall so the Charger staggers itself, giving you the time to move in for an attack.

Dying Light 2 Enemy Types: Unique Zombies

Dying Light 2 enemy types: Revenants
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The unique zombies are among the most dangerous of the Dying Light 2 enemy types. While they may come with valuable rewards, they also hold the biggest risk, so consider your options before taking on any of these. 

  • Demolishers
  • Bomber/Drowned
  • Volatiles
  • Revenant

Demolishers are the feistier version of the Goons, with increased speed and deadlier attacks. Take your time with a Demolisher and don't get too greedy with your hits, as the stun window is quite short. Next up, we have combined the Bomber and Drowned zombie types as they function much the same. Get too close, they explode, and you will most likely die. In that case, keep your distance and maybe use a bow and arrow to detonate them from afar. However, you should also be aware that the noise will draw in more zombies. 

The Volatiles are the big bads from the original Dying Light, and take a bit of a step back in this entry. However, they are still the ultimate zombie, as they are fast, strong, and very hard to kill. If you see one of these, your best chance is just to run. However, the new big bad in the realms of Dying Light 2 are the Revenants. These can only be found in GRE Anomalies at night and are the ultimate challenge of parkour and combat, so be prepared for a fight. The Revenants are sprightly so be sure to keep on the move. 

Those are all of the Dying Light 2 enemy types that you can expect to meet in the destroyed streets of Villedor. If you'd rather skip through unnecessary conflict, check out our guide on how to fast travel in Dying Light 2


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