Dying Light 2 Cyber Hands 2177 Weapon: How To Find The Cyberpunk Easter Egg

Dying Light 2 Cyber Hands 2177 Weapon: How To Find The Cyberpunk Easter Egg
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Tarran Stockton


8th Feb 2022 16:14

The Dying Light 2 Cyber Hands 2177 weapon is a secret weapon that directly references Cyberpunk 2077 which players can find in-game. With so many secrets to find in Dying Light 2, it's a wonder that so many of them have already been revealed by the community. From the collectible ducks, to the dev room, and now the Cyberpunk-inspired weapon, there's a lot to tackle. So, here is our rundown of how to find the Dying Light 2 Cyber Hands 2177 weapon.

Dying Light 2 Cyber Hands 2177 Weapon: Where To Find It?

Dying Light 2 Cyber Hands 2177 Weapon
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Once again we are asking you to go to the top of the VNC Tower for this secret. Like the Dying Light 2 Korek Charm, and the Dying Light 2 Finger Gun, you will need to paraglide from the very top, southward, toward the skyscraper which has the Military Airdrop THB-UT0 on its roof. Once you are on top of the building, look toward the eastern side of the roof and there should be someone standing on the edge next to a fire.

Some players are reporting that the character isn't there, and the only fix is to progress through the story more before trying again. If the character is there, you can speak to them, and they will reveal that they know the protagonist from the previous game - Kyle Crane. The conversation is linear and has no important choices, but it does seem to serve as a meta-commentary on the choice and consequence system present in the game, with the person explaining the butterfly effect to you and talking up your importance to the city.


Once the conversation is over, they will tell you that they have left something for you before vanishing into thin air. On the floor next to you will be a crate with a blueprint inside for the Dying Light 2 Cyber Hands 2177 weapon which you can pick up and craft. It requires 369 scraps to create, which is fairly hefty, but it's a useful weapon that can be made even better with the right charms and upgrades. 

That's our walkthrough of how to get the Dying Light 2 Cyber Hands 2177 weapon, and now players know how to find the Cyberpunk Easter egg and craft it, so they can take it to the infected like never before. 

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