How to complete the 'Substantial Findings' mission in DMZ

How to complete the 'Substantial Findings' mission in DMZ
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Substantial Findings is a mission in DMZ, and in this guide we'll show you exactly what you need to do to complete it in the game.

This is a Black Mous mission that you'll unlock access to once you've reached level 3 with that faction. It's also going to take you to two different maps - I'm not too fond of having to carry mission progress between maps, but luckily this one doesn't require you to hold onto any items during extraction.

So read on for our full guide on how to complete Substantial Findings in Call of Duty's DMZ mode!

How to complete Substantial Findings in DMZ

The first thing you need to take into account is that this mission requires you to go to two separate maps (Al Mazrah and Ashika Island). You can choose to go to Ashika or Al Mazrah first, as long as you finish them both in the end.

Al Mazrah submarine

For the Al Mazrah portion of the mission, head to the dead drop in Al Sharim Pass. It's a dumpster in the southern part of the Pass between two buildings. It's very close to the buy station, so you shouldn't have much trouble finding it. Just find the buy station and turn around and you should see it.

Grab the tracking device and head to Hafid Port. You'll find the submarine in a warehouse to the northern side of the port. You might expect it to be in the water, but it's actually just out of action and tucked away in storage.

Head to the top of the submarine and place the tracker to complete this objective.

Ashika Island submarine

Head over to Ashika Island and grab the tracker from the dead drop in the Town Center. It's located behind a small building just to the north-east of the large science building.

Take the tracker to the Ashika waterways and place it on the submarine there. You'll find the submarine directly under Tsuki Castle, but you might have to travel through the waterways to reach it.

All Substantial Findings DMZ mission objectives

Mission objectives for Substantial Findings in DMZ.
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Image via Activision and JudgeTwoFive

Here's a list of all Substantial Findings mission objectives. You'll need to finish all these objectives to complete the mission.

  • Take the 2 tracking devices from the Town Center or Al Sharim Pass dead drops
  • Plant a tracker atop the submarine in Hafid Port
  • Plant a tracker atop the submarine in the Ashika Island Waterways

Essentially your objective is to plant a tracker on two submarines. Sounds simple enough, right?

And that's everything you need to do to complete the Substantial Findings mission for DMZ!

For more DMZ guides and news, check out our homepage, or take a look at how to complete the Pay It Forward mission if you need help.

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