Is Dead Island 2 on Steam Deck?

Is Dead Island 2 on Steam Deck?
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24th Apr 2023 11:46

You may want to know, is Dead Island 2 on Steam Deck? Dead Island 2 is finally here after nearly a decade of development hell that had many wondering if it would ever release at all.

This time around, the game ditches the tropical island setting for mainland USA, letting players explore a zombie-infested Los Angeles. Despite the wide release on both consoles and PC, the game isn't available on the Steam platform yet, causing many players to wonder, is Dead Island 2 on Steam Deck? Check out our answer below.

Is Dead Island 2 on Steam Deck?

Dead Island 2 key art of a Slobber zombie
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While the game isn't available on Steam currently, Dead Island 2 can be played on the Steam Deck. However, there are some things worth noting before you try and play the game using the handheld platform. 

As we said, the game isn't on Steam, so you will need to use alternate methods of playing the game. You can install the Epic Games Store on your Steam Deck, or try the Heroic Games Launcher, which lets you connect your Epic Games account and launch games through the client.

As Dead Island 2 isn't strictly verified for the Steam Deck, you may run into some issues when playing the game. Firstly, the game's system requirements don't lend themselves to the specs of the Deck, so you may struggle to get consistent performance, especially without the optimisations that are usually made for the platform. 

The control scheme may also need some altering, as the game may not detect that you're using a Steam Deck. Lastly, considering the platform is specifically made to use Steam, you may encounter more glitches while playing the game through a different client. 

That's all for our answer to the question, is Dead Island 2 on Steam Deck? Now you know the game isn't Deck verified as it's not on Steam, but you can still play the game using alternate methods. 

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