Company Of Heroes 3 British Forces Units List

Company Of Heroes 3 British Forces Units List
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Tarran Stockton


24th Feb 2023 17:35

Learning all of the Company of Heroes 3 British Forces units will be incredibly helpful for knowing the makeup of this Allied army and its strengths in battle. Company of Heroes 3 is the latest game in the franchise, and it's made many changes to the typical CoH formula, with a dynamic campaign, more factions, and the new Italian and North African fronts.

Whether you're new to the series or diving back in with this CoH 3, you may want some help learning the units of all the factions. So, start by checking out all the Company of Heroes 3 British Forces units.

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Company Of Heroes 3 British Forces Units

Company Of Heroes 3 British Forces Units
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The British Forces act like the introductory faction of Company of Heroes 3, making them perfect for learning the mechanics and nuances of the CoH experience. Many of their units are streamlined, but there is still a lot of potential for tactical complexity once you've gained more experience. 

They come with a mixture of powerful infantry and vehicle units, meaning they don't lean too hard into one or the other. 

We'll cover all the British Forces units below, broken up by buildings and the battlegroup mechanic.

Headquarters Units

  • Vickers Machine Gun Team
  • Royal Engineer Section

Section Command Post Units

  • Dingo Light Scout Car
  • ML 3-inch Mortar Team
  • Infantry Section

Platoon Command Post Units

  • CMP 15ctw Truck
  • Humber Armored Car
  • 6-pounder Anti-tank Gun Team
  • M3 Stuart Light Tank
  • Bishop Self-propelled Artillery

Company Command Post Units

  • Foot Guards Section
  • Crusader II Medium Tank
  • Matilda II Heavy Tank
  • M3 Grant Medium Tank
  • CMP 15cwt Truck

Battlegroup Units

  • Gurkha Rifles Section
  • ML 4.2-inch Heavy Mortar
  • Churchill IV Tank
  • Churchill Black Prince Tank
  • Centaur Tank
  • Commando Section

That's all for the full list of Company of Heroes 3 British Forces units, and now you know every unit available for you to field with this faction. 

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